High-Tech Quartz = Low-Maintenance Counters

Imagine a countertop surface comprised of a material that was durable and hard, yet that was easily sculpted into any imaginable shape. A solid surface countertop with a completely non-porous surface that was difficult to soil, that remained stunningly smooth over time, its ageless surface never developing a patina. This cutting-edge countertop material isn’t Jetson’s-era fiction. It’s engineered quartz.

The Secret Behind the Technology

Comprised of about 90% ground quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, combined with a blend of or acrylic or polyester resins, powdered filler, and pigments for color, quartz is an entirely man made solid surface countertop. Also referred to as engineered quartz, the extremely tough, nonporous surface of engineered quartz slabs makes them difficult to stain and easy to germ-proof.


Hello Good-Lookin’

Advances in quartz technology have made slabs available in a number of styles, from solids to prints and metallic-flecked slabs, in neutral shades to some of the boldest, brightest colors imaginable. Want the look of a particular natural stone without the maintenance? Quartz lookalikes abound, including those mimicking the patterns and movement of popular granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, concrete and wood styles. This wide variety has led the engineered stone to new uses, from flooring to fireplaces and even wall art, due to its winning combination of low-maintenance good looks and durability.

Sayonara Stains
Stain resistant with no need whatsoever for sealing, quartz is easily cleaned with a wet sponge or dish rag and warm, soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads, which can dull the surface of quartz counters. Like other natural stone and solid surface countertop options, trivets and a cutting board are both recommended to ensure a lasting, shiny surface, which although scratch and heat resistant, can wear with repeated abuse.


Move Over Mildew

The durable, nonporous surface of quartz also makes it ideal for bath and shower applications. Its smooth surface, devoid of mildew and mold proliferating grout and caulking seams, minimizes maintenance. Available in matte and textured finishes, it also makes for an ideal non-slip shower floor surface. With careful installation, quartz slabs offer a stunning bath or shower display, providing a near-seamless appearance. The stone’s only caveat:  Its resin-based composition makes this countertop material sensitive to heat, and incompatible with outdoor use.

Good-Bye Germs

A popular choice in the healthcare and food service industries, nonporous quartz offers a more hygienic slab substrate, with none of the seams or caulking necessary with laminate, tile, and wood applications that can allow for the proliferation of dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi. Properly installed with impermeable, hygienic joints, integrated sinks and covered backsplashes, quartz slabs are easily sanitized with a quick wipe-down with manufacturer recommended disinfectants.


Today’s kitchen technology comes in more than the typical ‘smart’ appliance package. Shop the latest in technologically advanced solid surface countertop options at your area Granite Imports today.


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