Guide to Designing a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Farmhouse style kitchens evoke memories of a simpler time when rural communities and customs exemplified American living. Utilizing classic materials, the vintage charm of farmhouse kitchens remains on-trend today, adding a warm, homey feel to your kitchen that will never go out of style.


Essential Elements of Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Add a farmhouse touch to your kitchen design with these key elements:


  • Classic color combinations.
    Though there are no hard rules for farmhouse kitchen colors, most modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets are white, with wood floors. However, many successful farmhouse kitchen designs combine white, black, and natural wood tones, though any color can work when paired with the right accompaniments.
  • Freestanding cabinetry.
    Hutches, pie safes, and other standalone furnishings are common in farmhouse designs. These are best mirrored in your kitchen cabinetry style to pull the farmhouse kitchen look together.
  • Open shelves.
    Open shelving and doorless cabinets are also typical of classic farmhouse kitchens, as they make dishware easy to grab.
  • Classic countertops.
    Soapstone counters are the traditional choice for farmhouse kitchens. Tough and time-tested, they are inert and non-reactive to acidic foods, impervious to stains, and heatproof. However, the classic looks of marble countertops are another favorite. Though in recent years, many have chosen to put a modernized flip on their farmhouse kitchen designs with white engineered quartz countertops.
  • An apron-front sink.
    An apron-front sink is an essential addition to every farmhouse kitchen design. Apron-front sinks feature a durable construction, broad face, and deep bowl for the rigors daily duties. Buy new, or source vintage sinks from antiquities stores, flea markets, and salvage yards.
  • Timeless flooring.
    Though natural or white painted wood floors are a traditional farmhouse kitchen staple, black and white tile also reflect the vintage farmhouse style.
  • A rustic range.
    You can now purchase retro-style appliances to enhance the theme of your farmhouse kitchen without sacrificing modern features, choosing from a variety of styles and colors that best reflect your farmhouse kitchen design. If it's in the budget, retro refrigerators are another option.
  • A large dining table.
    An expansive dining room table is another farmhouse kitchen staple, serving not only as a place to eat, but also as a place to prep food.
  • Fireplace
    In old farmhouse kitchens, a fireplace was often the central gathering spot. If you don’t have the space or budget for such an addition, a well-decorated mantlepiece will approximate the look.

  • Vintage accents.
    Copper lights and accents, reclaimed wood shelving and furnishings, old fashioned pictures, and pottery add a nostalgic touch.

Design the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Create a warm, inviting kitchen with velvety soapstone, classic marble, or easy-care quartz from the premium stone selection at Granite Imports today.

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