Granite Imports Opens New Grand Junction Sales Office

Increasing demandon Western Slope causes granite supplier to triple inventory to meet growing need for quality granite slabs

Jan, 2014 – Granite Imports announced the opening of their newly expanded sales office in Grand Junction; Western Colorado’s largest urban setting. Homeowners and builders in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas have been clamoring for a better available inventory of granite slabs from which to draw. Now Granite Imports has met that need with a local stocked warehouse of some of the industry’s best premium granite slabs for commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom countertops. Visit the following link for directions to the new showroom:

Grand Junction Sales Office | Granite Imports

Improving Kitchens in Colorado; One Home At A Time

Since its inception twelve years ago, Granite Imports has been successfully serving builders, fabricators and homeowners in the Western United States, with showrooms located in Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction. They specialize in the import of wholesale premium granite and only sell through fabricators.They also offer free delivery and absolutely free assistance for customers looking to select a solid, natural stone or tile surface for their home(s) or office(s).

Currently offering more than 300 different types of granite and other natural stones (including soapstone, limestone, marble as well as other synthetic and manufactured composites), Granite imports has established itself as the Rocky Mountain Region’s best granite supplier, owing to its focus on constant evolution; continuously updating its selection with its global network of quarries and frequently discovering and unveiling new materials that other distributors just don’t have the network or financial clout to acquire.Granite Imports also currently delivers to fabricators in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and the all over Colorado with their new expanded fleet of trucks that double the amount of slabs that can be shipped, thereby reducing the cost per slab.

According to Granite Imports’ founder, Austin Randall,“What we try to achieve is the highest level of customer service. Since we sell only through fabricators, we work closely with them to show their customers (the home owner, architect or builder) different materials and educate their customers on the granite selection process. We make it as convenient as possible for the end user, which our fabricator partners have come to appreciate. We are also known for our unique and diverse selection of products, and some of the most experienced sales staff for the industry, with 7yrs minimum experience…

From very basic materials to some of Mother Nature’s most exotic stones, Granite Imports has it all

Granite Imports offers an unlimited range of colors and finishes for granite slabs and countertops; granite slabs for custom granite work, granite tiles, granite sinks, granite backsplash, granite for kitchen and bath — there’s something for every personality, design and architectural style. Not only are their products highly heat, scratch and stain resistant, they are extremely easy to maintain and are available in a wide price range to suit any homeowners’ budget requirements.

Granite imports has also redefined the buying experience with its highly functional warehouses that have been designed specifically for viewing granite slabs.The warehouse design features an abundance of artificial and natural lighting to bring out the true beauty of natural slabs when customers come in to view them. Allowing customers to really view the colors at the selection stage greatly reduces surprises or disappointments when the granite is installed.

To add further value to their relationship with quality granite fabricators, Granite imports has a team of highly experienced and skilled sales professionals who are well versed in installations and provide all the education and assistance a homeowner or builder would need to help finalize the buying decision. This unparalleled combination of conformance to high-quality standards and an emphasis on efficient customer service allows Granite Imports to deliver the highest quality granite projects and services in the industry.

A Company with a Social Conscious

Granite Imports realized early on that with corporate success also comes corporate responsibility. That is why it also consistently donates to the following charity organizations:

  • Boy Scouts of America – Denver Council
  • Big Brother, Big Sister Organization
  • The Kemp Children’s Center – Fostering Healthy Futures Program
  • Latin American Education Foundation
  • CARES Foundation – Research, education and support for CAH

About Granite Imports

Granite Imports is a Denver-based wholesale granite importer that has been successfully catering to the Western United States since 2001. Renowned for its esteemed reputation in the industry as the leading provider of high quality granite and its long-standing relationships with top local fabricators and quarries all over the globe, Granite Imports offers over 300 variants of graniteand other natural stoneslabs, as well as materials ranging from basic stock to exotic materials.

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