Granite Imports Inc. Discusses Why a Good Granite Countertop Costs A Little More

One of the most common myths that Granite Imports deals with daily is granite countertops cost so much more than other hard surface materials. Despite the perceived higher cost, granite is still the most popular material for kitchen countertops among homeowners. The average price of granite varies greatly, anywhere from $25-$200 per square foot. This huge cost variance also adds to the confusion. Will the $25 per square foot slab create a granite countertop that satisfies you? That is a question only you and time can answer. But Granite Imports wants homeowners to be educated on the factors associated with the value of granite. There are three determining factors that can influence the overall price of a granite countertop:

1. The Color of the Granite

Even though granite covers 40 percent of the earth’s crust, most of it won’t transform into a granite countertop very well, otherwise there would be granite quarries throughout the Rocky Mountains. Rarity, as with gems, wines or old postage stamps, creates value. New veins of granite are being quarried all the time all over the world. Some are meters thick and extend for miles, others are exquisite small pockets that may extend only a few hundred feet. When looking at a granite slab, color will be your first impression and rarity of the color will be a determining factor in price.

2. The Density of the Granite

Granite countertop slabs come in various densities that also can also range from common to rare. Density creates strength and durability in granite. It goes without saying that the higher the density of granite, the more rare it can be as well. Quarries often scale away thousands of feet of soft, decomposing granite to get to the hardest core. Sometimes the hardness lasts, other times it is only a pocket of dense rock.

3. The Size of the Granite Slab

Granite slabs are often cut in standard 5’x 9’ slabs, but other times, when the nature of the vein allows, slabs can be cut into larger pieces. When purchasing granite slabs it is better to have larger pieces than several smaller as this makes the seams less visible on your countertop. Unfortunately, this means that the larger your granite slab, the more you can expect to pay a premium for it.

4. Special Treatments

The remainder of the granite cost is derived from the special treatments that are applied to it during fabrication. There are a dozen edges that can make up the style of your countertop. The amount of labor that goes into creating the edge is determined in the overall cost.

The key to the cost of a granite countertop lies with the homeowner’s tastes. If you are not hugely particular about factors like color, density, size, and treatments, then you can find a granite countertop that is cheaper than you might think. Just make sure that your frugality today doesn’t translate into regret in five years.

Possessing the knowledge of how to value a granite countertop is a specialty of Granite Imports Inc. Our sales staff have years of experience in the granite business and frequently help home owners decide on how to value their investment in granite. To learn more about the granite and expertise available from Granite Imports visit their website at or contact them directly at one of their three locations:

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