Granite Imports Features Exotic Yellow Granite Countertops for a Wilder Kitchen Color Scheme

When you take a look at the most common kinds of granite countertops out there, you may notice that they tend to be rich in earth tone colors: blacks, browns and greys. However, don’t let this limit your perception when you’re re-imagining your kitchen for a remodel. At Granite Imports, we offer a variety of exotic colors, such as a deep yellow, to ensure that your vision is not bound by the standard colors on the market.

Breaking the Boundaries

By focusing too much on what’s “standard” in the industry, you can really limit your kitchen’s potential. With the variety of granite options that we offer, the sky is the limit and you can really go all out with your design’s color schemes. If you drop by our showroom, our staff can give you some ideas and suggestions on what themes would work best for your vision.

Exotic Options

We offer plenty of exotic color options in our inventory including warm red, gold and orange and have a variety of ideas to help stimulate your creativity. One of our most prized exotic colors is our exotic yellow granite, a great choice for those looking to achieve a warm color scheme that you can fall in love with.


Gold counters, burnt yellow walls, rustic red walls and burnt orange accents are just a few of the unique ideas that our staff can help you craft into your renovation design. These designs offer a level of flexibility that makes them great for bathroom schemes as well as kitchen designs.

Tuscan Style

Ever heard of a “Tuscan style”? These designs feature a rustic look that takes advantage of crumbling stone patios, textured wall finishes and iron accents. Although they utilize a lot of earthly hues that are reminiscent of a Tuscan hillside, integratingsome exotic colors such as yellow and red can really add unique flair to your remodel.

Other Options

For those who aren’t keen on a dramatic look for their kitchen, our exotic yellow granite slabs can be toned down by using neutral color accents such as an off-white or cream color for the walls or backsplash. We take great pride in our variety of slab colors and the flexibility that they offer, for combinations can range from the sublime to the exotic.

Integrating our unique exotic yellow granite countertops into your design is a great way to personalize your vision and really make it stand out. Our sales staff can help you choose the perfect slabs for your needs and work with your fabricators to help you make the process go as smoothly as possible. As a company, we simply won’t push our products or colors on you; we want to ensure that you get the absolute best product for your vision, one that matches your unique individual personality and tastes.

Stop by our showroom to peruse the vast selection of colors and combinations that can speak to your personal tastes.


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