Golden Rules for A Successful Bathroom Design

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Do you know the rules of good bathroom design? With the glut of bathroom design styles today, it’s easy to assume an ‘anything goes’ mentality. However, behind a multitude of bathroom themes are universal design principles lighting the path to success. Learn how to ensure a successful bathroom design with these tips for safeguarding the function and ambiance of your bath.


Don’t Overwhelm the Space

Bathrooms are designed to fit into small areas, with little room to spare as it is. Give your space (and eyes) a break and avoid overwhelming your bathroom design with additions such as multiple sinks, a separate tub and shower, and innumerable fixtures and art. Be sure to leave space dry off, turn around, and get dressed, ensuring a bath that’s calm and relaxed by avoiding a crowded, busy feel.


Ensure Both Form & Function

Don’t let style get in the way of a well-functioning bathroom. Ensure sinks, mirrors, and showers can accommodate visitors of varying heights, including ample task lighting.


Embrace Natural and Artificial Lighting Options

A bit of daylight can amplify the feeling of space in even the smallest bath. Skylights are a fantastic way to accomplish this, saving wall space for artificial lighting that is crucial preventing shadows in dark hours.


Incorporate Ample Storage

The clutter of too many toiletries can also overwhelm your space. Embrace reality, incorporating copious bathroom storage that accommodates for essentials from toothbrushes to towels.


Be Detail-Oriented

Ensure features allow for easy cleaning. Avoid overcrowding that creates limited access scenarios, such as the space between your vanity and shower glass. When tiling, cover the whole wall or ensure a flush finish by installing an extra layer of plasterboard above the top edge of tile to avoid creating surfaces that collect dust.


Create a Focal Point

Add excitement to your bath with a focal point and accompanying décor that suits the scale of the room, such as standout mirrors and a key color enhanced by a complementary natural stone countertop and shower surround. Incorporate the strikingly beautiful tones of Blue Bahia granite countertops, add the striking elegance of Austral Calacatta marble slabs, or reduce maintenance needs with durable engineered quartz slabs in a marble finish.  



Ensure a visually stunning and functional bath design that will last for years to come. Shop the wide selection of premium natural stone countertops at your area Granite Imports today.

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