kitchen redesign

Go B-I-G with Your Kitchen Redesign

Want to create a kitchen space that larger than life? Integrate large-scale furniture, fixtures and décor. Blowing-up the kitchen design scene, oversized elements can transform any space, even making a small kitchen look larger than life.


kitchen redesign

How Can You Supersize Your Kitchen Design?

  • Large-Format Flooring
    Large wide tile and planks ground your kitchen design, yet make a strong style statement. With less lines and less grout, larger flooring better showcases the natural looks of the flooring substrate, such as wood graining or stone pattern, providing a rich texture and seamless appearance.
  • Sprawling Stone Slabs
    Massive natural stone slabs perched atop kitchen counters and islands or placed edge-to-edge on a feature wall in the kitchen or shower surround are an ideal way to create a strong, stunning focal point with a luxury feel, especially when emphasized by bold colors, patterns and designs.
  • Immense Islands
    Massive kitchen islands, such as those extending beyond cabinetry into an adjacent room, offer ample prep, cooking and dining space. Building in space to your island for dining, rather than incorporating a separate eat-in area, offers the ideal blend of style and function.
  • Room-Sized Rugs
    Rugs sized to allow each piece within a seating group the space to place two legs on the carpet are ideal in dining spaces, rugs that nearly fill the area even better. Properly-sized, a large rug can pull together a room, achieving a high-end, polished look.
  • Spacious Seating
    Before stuffing your room with a variety of smaller seating options, consider trading seating capacity for comfort. Opting for a roomy sofa, or fewer, larger chairs instead can actually help a space feel bigger, improve comfort, and make the space more enjoyable to use.
  • Overlarge Lights
    Oversized pendant lights selected for their large but simple shape are an ideal way to make a statement over an island or kitchen table. Worried about blocking the view? Look for styles with negative space, boasting a pendant in the middle of a larger, decorative outer shell.
  • Colossal Art
    Rather than scattering smaller images, singular, overly large pieces of art help the eye focus, reducing busyness in design.
  • Massive Mirrors
    Massive mirrors not only make a bold design statement, but visually double the size of your room, giving the illusion of a much larger space.
  • Big & Bold Patterns
    Large prints and patterns such as big beautiful florals, giant geometric shapes, and designs with bold splashes of color on wallpaper, murals and upholstery are an easy way to make big a statement in your design.


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