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Dress Up Your Island

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Though the front and sides of kitchen islands are often adorned with a favorite countertop material, functional cabinetry, and interesting handles and trim, the back side of islands are often overlooked. Typically sheathed with a bland cover panel, this area of your island is ripe with potential to become a functioning focal point of your kitchen, particularly in open floor plan home designs.

Dress Up the Backside of Your Kitchen Island with Fun, Functional Flair:

  • Turn Heads with Tile
    Resilient and easy to clean, adding a unique tile pattern to the back of your kitchen island can quickly turn it into a stand-out centerpiece.

  • ‘Reclaim’ Your Island with Wood
    The unique, worn texture of reclaimed lumber offers warmth and unique flair to a variety of kitchen designs, and is an especially good choice for warming up the classic white kitchen.

  • Go Vogue with Veneer
    Beautifully grained wood veneer likewise offers warmth and texture, and when carefully applied in a pattern, can turn the back side of your island from an afterthought to the cornerstone of your kitchen.

  • Show-Off with Shiplap
    Shiplap has joined reclaimed wood and barn doors in popular kitchen décor. Its distinctive horizontal flair is great for adding visual interest to the flat back surface of an island. Paint it for a color pop.

  • Beautify with Beadboard
    Simple, yet classic, the vertical, tongue-and-groove pattern of beadboard lends a homey, cottage-like feel to your kitchen space.

  • Get Creative with Countertop
    Non-porous, easy-care and resilient, engineered quartz comes in an array of colors, perfect for adding flair to any kitchen design, and ideal for the use and abuse of constantly kicked island seating areas.

  • Be Bold with Backlit Onyx
    Take advantage of the rare beauty and unexpected luminescence of onyx slabs, backlighting your slab to accent mesmerizing patterns and turning your island into the crown jewel of the kitchen.

  • Build Function with a Bookcase
    From glossy cookbooks to fun bric-a-brac, donning the back side of your island with a bookcase adds multifunctional flair.

  • Mix it Up with Metal
    Laser-cut steel shapes turn your island back into a work of art. Add backlighting for an even more stunning centerpiece.


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