quartz slabs in the shower

Does Quartz Stain?

Quartz CountersWondering if quartz will stain? Misinformation abounds on the internet. Luckily, as an industry expert in stone, Granite Imports is here to put an end to your confusion.


The Key is in the Composition

Rivaling granite countertops in both popularity and resilience, the non-porous nature of engineered quartz slabs makes them resistant not only to stains, but odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Comprised of 90-95% quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, combined with a 5-10% mix of resins, polymers, and pigments, quartz equals granite in ease-of-care, with an extremely hard surface that is uniquely comprised of extremely small, tight pores that create a surface which is difficult to stain and easy to germ-proof.


What’s in a Word: Stain Proof versus Stain Resistant

Unfortunately, overzealous message board authors of unreliable origin as well as the occasional vocabulary vexed blogger have the tendency to mix the term stain resistant with stain proof. No countertop surface on earth is impervious to any and all stains. Do quartz kitchen counters ever stain? Yes they can, but it’s rare, and most frequently the result of neglect. And even these supposed “stains,” more often than not, are simply surface contamination that needs a little extra effort to work out.


Rare but Not Impossible

Just because stains are rare, doesn’t mean you should push your luck. If you spill wine, grape juice, or other equally offensive and potentially corrosive liquids on your counter, clean them up. Leave any habits of waiting for days to deal with countertop detritus back in your college dorm room. This common-sense maintenance advice equates to rare mishaps, and even rarer stains.


Out Damn Spot

Should your quartz counters suffer from an unfortunate lapse in judgement courtesy of an ignorant family member, NEVER try to blast it out with abrasive or strong cleaners. Simply reference our blog on easy and safe quartz surface cleaning solutions for those times when a dishcloth and dish detergent just aren’t enough.

Countertop conundrum you just can’t clear up? From quartz stains to adding to your kitchen space to meet growing pains, Granite Imports is here to help. Contact us today.