marble countertops

Dish-Up the Goods with Marble Countertops

The sleek, natural elegance of marble has been a long standing favorite in kitchen designs for more reasons than its classic, renowned appearance. Used by European bakers for centuries, the world’s love affair with this stunning stone is steeped in marble’s multifaceted virtues…

marble countertops

Dough Doyenne

Perhaps marble’s most ubiquitous kitchen facet is its capacity to assist bakers in their kitchen achievements. How does it lend a hand in culinary creation? The surface of marble does not conduct heat, maintaining a consistent temperature to prevent butter from melting, thereby preserving dough structure. By moderating temperatures, and staying cool to the tough, it prevents sour, yeasty bread results and excessive stickiness when working dough. In fact, marble’s smooth surface contains natural anti-caking agents courtesy of its calcium-carbonate composition, requiring just a fraction of the flour typically necessary for other surfaces to prevent sticking. These are just a few of the reasons why many look to a dedicated marble baking station in their bread and baking endeavors.


Beyond Bread

Multi-purpose marble also offers benefits beyond bread, its naturally cool surface an ideal locale for making pasta, pie crusts or tempering chocolate. Ever the multi-tasker, marble is ideal for keeping your kitchen creations warm – just don’t put it into direct contact with flame. Warm-up smaller slabs in the oven, at 200-degrees F, then move the stone to your countertop placing bread or other items you want to keep warm on top. Pop a small piece of stone in the fridge, and use it to keep cold cuts and cheeses cool as well.



A Photogenic Favorite

In addition to being an ideal surface to prepare food, the simple, sleek look of marble makes the ideal backdrop for showcasing food fare, from display and serving to food photography. The stone’s classic, matte surface inhibits reflective glare, allowing carefully crafted food and dishware to truly shine.



Tender Loving Care

As seen in the Parthenon and statues of Michelangelo, with the right care, the beauty of marble can last forever, developing an envy-inducing patina with age. Preventing the stone from languishing under spills and protecting it from scorching cooking utensils is easy, and key to marble longevity. Seal the stone periodically, protect it from hard impacts with kitchen accoutrements, and clean it with simple water, and the stone will return that appreciation ten-fold in years of dependable service.


From the Local to the Legendary

From classic Italian Carrara marble, to local Vermont Danby and Colorado Yule, marble offers a wider variety of colors and tones than most realize, from traditional white and grey-veined, to those with green, blue, brown and dramatically dark hues. Each stone and slab is different, making in-person perusal and selection key to winning marble countertop design.


Looking for a surface that can lend a hand in your culinary endeavors? Discover the functional beauty of marble. Shop your area Granite Imports showroom today.