Designing a Natural Stone Kitchen with Character

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Are you looking for ways to add personality to your kitchen design? Learn how to go beyond layout and appliance additions, using color, pattern, and texture to take your kitchen design to the next level.


Add Personality to Your Kitchen with these Tips


  • Select a statement countertop.
    Banish the boredom of all-white designs with a statement countertop, such as strikingly veined granite slabs or colorful quartzite countertops.

  • Accent your island.
    Accent your kitchen island, turning it into a design centerpiece with a contrasting, boldly patterned granite countertop, elegant marble countertop with waterfall edges, or if your budget permits, striking backlit onyx.
  • Add a bold backsplash.
    If the rest of your kitchen is understated, adding a strong kitchen backsplash tile pattern is a great way to ramp up your kitchen design.
  • Choose fabulous flooring.
    Incorporating an interesting floor tile pattern, color, or style can add texture and boost the character of your kitchen design.

  • Consider two-toned cabinets.
    Incorporating a boldly colored base cabinet with white upper cabinets is an excellent way to add visual interest.
  • Integrate open shelving.
    Add character to your kitchen with a mix of cabinets for hiding clutter, and open shelving for displaying decorative dishware that accents your kitchen design.
  • Add a vintage touch.
    Contrast modern cabinets with classic soapstone countertops and a unique piece of vintage furniture.
  • Incorporate a statement faucet.
    Go beyond standard chrome, opting instead for bold copper, black, or brass faucet designs.
  • Choose hardware with flair.
    Colorful or creative cabinet hardware is a fun and fast way to enhance the looks of your kitchen.
  • Add personality with pendant lights.
    A carefully chosen light fixture can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your kitchen.
  • Choose interesting upholstery.
    Add texture and a touch of whimsey, selecting daring colors and exciting designs for kitchen drapery, upholstery, and pillows.
  • Incorporate art.
    It’s easy to overlook art after choosing kitchen necessities. However, paintings and photos can dramatically transform a room from a functional addition to a personalized, cozy space.


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