Designing A Kitchen that’s Gorgeous AND Easy to Clean

Natural Stone: Natural Stone Slabs

Do you love the idea of a beautifully renovated kitchen, but dread the thought of upkeep? Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it sees a lot of traffic, requiring frequent cleaning. Learn how you can reduce kitchen maintenance needs through your design choices, creating a kitchen that not only looks amazing but makes cleaning a breeze with these secrets to carefree kitchen design.


7 Tips for Designing a Low Maintenance Kitchen


Choose appliances with easy-care finishes.

We know those technologically advanced smart appliances with self-cleaning features are calling to you. Still, you should also consider features that make your own cleaning tasks fuss-free, such as a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel refrigerator and flat, induction cooktop. Avoid appliances with knobs/handles placed tightly together, which hinders cleaning.

Select your countertops carefully.

Top options for low-maintenance countertops include:

  • Engineered quartz countertops
    Engineered quartz counters come in a variety of options, from solid colors to patterns that mimic the look of popular natural stone options such as granite and marble countertops. Engineered quartz slabs are hard, smooth, and nonporous, resisting stains and scratching . You can easily maintain them with a quick swipe of soapy water.
  • Soapstone countertops
    Soapstone counters have been a popular choice for hundreds of years. Soapstone slabs are quite dense, resisting stains and bacteria, and unaffected by heat. Soapstone does scratch, nick, and darken over time, developing a unique patina. Many love the character, however, if you want a slab that remains looking ‘new,’ this may not be the best option for you.
  • Granite countertops
    Hard and durable, granite counters are another popular option, however granite slabs require regular sealing to control maintenance and guard against staining.

Streamline your backsplash design.

  • Large format tile reduces the amount of grout you have to clean, as do glass tiles, which eliminate the need for grout entirely.

Consider flat-front cabinets.

  • Cabinets with a  flat, smooth front will not collect dust and cooking residue as options with decorative grooves and ridges will. Avoid options with cutout pulls, which collect crumbs. Line cabinet interiors with a wipeable liner to prolong cabinet life.

Skip the open shelving.

  • Moving stored items for regular dusting can be a hassle.

Ponder trash bin placement.

  • Positioning trash and recycle bins beneath the sink (or somewhere very nearby) reduces the distance you must travel with trash, minimizing the likelihood of spills.

Splurge on durable paint.

  • Kitchen walls require more frequent cleaning than those in other areas of the home. Oil-based paint cleans easily, resisting surface wear.  An eggshell finish camouflages wall imperfections while still allowing for easy cleaning.


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