Create a Spa-Like Bath Experience with Natural Stone

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

Looking for an escape? In today's tech-saturated world, interior designers and home renovators are seeing an uptick in design requests to turn the once humble bathroom into a natural, spa-like oasis. With the incorporation of natural stone, you too can create a place to unplug and unwind in the comfort of your home. 

Why is Natural Stone Such a Calming Bath Addition?

 Like the luxurious marble slabs adorning the walls of ancient Roman baths, stone sets the stage for relaxation. Smooth and cool to the touch, natural stone provides a connection to nature you cannot achieve with engineered countertop and tile surfaces.  

What Natural Stone Slabs are Best for a Spa-Like Bath?

  • Natural Stone Slabs with Muted Tones

    Natural limestone, travertine, marble, quartzite, and granite slabs in soft, muted earth tones such as white, beige, gray, blue-green, and pink, provide a calm, soothing ambiance and a pure, clean spa-like feel. Available in a wide variety of stones, you're sure to find the ideal shade and pattern for your bath, achieving unique and beautiful bath results. 

  • Matte or Honed Natural Stone Surfaces

    For a more relaxing ambiance, matte/honed surfaces are preferred over shiny, polished surfaces. Matte surfaces provide a soft, luxurious look and feel. As a bonus, these surfaces are also ideal on slippery tub surrounds and shower floors, providing more traction than polished options. 

Things to Avoid in Your Spa-Like Bath

  • Flashy, Busy Designs
    Loud colors, excessive clutter, and other sensory stimuli are best avoided in your spa-like bath retreat.

  • Closed Spaces
    An open, airy feel emulates the atmosphere at the spa. Uphold this as much as possible with a visually open bathroom space, including a curbless shower, open or glass shower surround for natural light, freestanding tub, and window features. 

  • Stones that Don’t Match Your Upkeep Requirements
    Because it's impossible to relax in a bath that reminds you of upcoming cleaning endeavors, opt for stones that meet your care needs. Regularly seal your chosen stone to keep maintenance tasks light. Consider carefully: If you love the clean looks of Carrara marble, but balk at the upkeep, consider a similar shade of quartzite or granite. These harder, more durable stones offer improved stain-resistance and minimal maintenance. 

Adding a Touch of Luxury to Complete the Spa-Like Atmosphere

Set the stage in your spa-like bath, ensuring a luxurious experience with additions like radiant floor heating, towel warmers, and specialty showerheads and fixtures. Indulge in the healing benefits of sound, including a trickling water feature or sound system for playing the serene sounds of the ocean, waterfalls, rain, or chimes.

Unplug and immerse yourself in the present, indulging in a spa-like bath experience. Create a dream getaway in the comfort of your home with the help of Granite Imports today.

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