installing quartz countertops

Common Delays When Installing Quartz Countertops

Installing a quartz countertop

Finally ready to install those gorgeous quartz countertops? Rest assured, your fabricator will give you the most reliable time estimate possible. That being said, however, delays do happen. In fact, more often than not – they’re likely.


Be On the Lookout for These Common Countertop Installation Delays

Rest assured, your project will turn out beautifully, but it will probably experience a hold-up or two.

  • Weather
    Rain and other inclement weather can really put a damper on installation, and unfortunately, even the best forecasters aren’t 100% accurate.
  • Inventory shortages.
    Ensuring the business you choose to source your quartz slabs from has an adequate supply, including extras on-hand in the event of unexpected breakage during transportation or errors in cutting, goes a long way toward keeping your project moving along.
  • An untried fabricator.
    Your fabricator selection is not the place to pinch pennies. A couple miscalculations and cuts… And you could be re-purchasing multiples slabs. Opt for a superior fabricator – even if they cost a bit more. It will save you in the long-run.
  • Subcontractor delays.
    Your fabricator has built long-term relationships with trusted subcontractors, who are sometimes overbooked. To ensure positive results, avoid the internet – it pays to wait for stellar service.
  • Permit delays.
    An infuriating wild card, an array of permit delays can hold up work, from understaffing at the permitting office to missing plans and documents and finicky building officials.
  • Pre-existing problems.
    Mold, rot, termite, asbestos and more may be unearthed during remodeling, creating extensive delays.
  • The human element.
    People get sick, and accidents happen – even when you’re on a tight schedule for that pre-holiday kitchen makeover.
  • Constant changes.
    Sadly, one of the most frequent causes of installation delays is, well… You. Your seemingly minor changes can create major installation complications and delays. So if you’ve done your homework and given your plans to the fabricator, amuse yourself elsewhere to prevent distractions and unnecessary changes that can cause delays in installation.


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