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Summer is the Perfect Time to Upgrade to a Granite Kitchen in Denver

Ready to join-in on the great American pastime of home remodeling? Summer is a great time to set out on this adventure. The outside weather is hospitable, with the fall and winter holiday season many months away, making this the perfect time for adding a granite kitchen in Denver. Why is the timing of your granite kitchen remodel essential?

Kitchen remodeling is not a weekend project
The typically kitchen remodel takes about 6 weeks. During this time, though your refrigerator may be moved to another, temporarily location, you will not have access to your stove – or kitchen sink. Electrical, gas, and water service will also be turned off during this time, turning your kitchen into a veritable dead zone. While it’s is down, you’ll have to consider other eating (and cleaning) options.

Granite KitchenBut they do it in 3 days on TV… ?
Unfortunately, most remodels don’t resemble the latest episode of Kitchen Crashers. What you don’t see on those shows is all the prep work that goes into the install that is not caught on video. Your contractor is likely juggling multiple jobs, and time is necessary to:

  • Gather permits.
  • Establish a construction plan and schedule (with you).
  • Order and have delivered dumpsters, building materials, granite countertops, and appliances from multiple area vendors. (Which may arrive at times not conducive to meeting scheduling needs.)
  • Undergo demolition of cabinetry, walls, ceilings, floors, and framing as necessary.
  • Install and/or relocate electrical, plumbing, lighting, and possibly HVAC.
  • Wait on city/county inspections.
  • Refinish walls and ceilings. Upgrade floors.
  • Install cabinets, fabricate and install granite slabs, kitchen sinks, and appliances.
  • Trim and paint.

Handling the family feeding frenzy mid-remodel
Times like these are the stuff remodeling stories are made of. But they’ll be worth it in the long run when your dream granite kitchen in Denver is complete. How can you survive feeding the family over the next few weeks? Have a plan:

  • Eat out.
    Not very creative, and despite how great this may sound at times, for families used to home cooked meals, this option is not only pricey, it also gets old fast. Leading us to…
  • Cookout.
    Take advantage of your outdoor kitchen or grill, creating and consuming meals outdoors during warm weather renovation.
  • Assemble a temporary kitchen.
    Relocate your fridge, toaster oven, microwave – even your old stove if you have the space – to a temporary location. No room for a stove? Pick up a countertop style, single stove burner. Toss in a folding table for counters, temporary shelving for food, and voila… instant kitchen.

The cleaning conundrum
To wash dishes in the bathroom, or not to wash dishes in the bathroom, that is the question…. Noble in the mind of the germaphobe – likely not. A necessary by-product of living through kitchen remodel – perhaps. If you can’t stand the thought, you can try:

  • Bucket brigade
    For around $20 per, pick up a couple plastic, barrel-style large planter buckets from your local box or hardware store. Prop on tables, and hose-away dinner debris.
  • Temporary sink
    If you have the space, for a few extra dollars, you contractor may be able to temporarily move your sink (along with a chunk of your old cabinetry), to a temporary location.

Summer is here – have you ordered your granite countertops?
Making your way through the journey to a new granite kitchen in Denver might take a little ingenuity, but wow, what a payoff. Ready to take that first step? Realize your dream kitchen design with premium granite counter from a trusted source with reliable and consistently available stone slabs. Shop Granite Imports today.

Granite Slabs Outperform Other Outdoor Kitchen Surfaces Why Choose Granite Slabs for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Kitchen Granite SlabsOne of the hottest items in today’s homes, outdoor kitchens, are a fabulous way to extend your living space and get more enjoyment out of your yard throughout the year. Unlike your indoor kitchen, however, your outdoor kitchen must be constructed to withstand the additional wear-and-tear of the elements. Are granite slabs up to the task?

Granite stands the test of time
Used for thousands of years in construction from Egypt’s ancient pyramids to early American monuments, granite slabs are well-known for their time-tested strength and durability against harsh outdoor temperatures and conditions. Maintenance is also minor. A simple application of granite sealer every one to three years, as directed by your fabricator, helps thwart staining from spills and plant and animal exposure. And routine maintenance of granite slabs, such as the removal of pollen and outdoor grime, can quickly and easily be taken to task with a hose – or prevented altogether with the help of a pergola, awning, or screened structure, which will reduce sun and precipitation exposure as well.

Why not opt for another countertop material?
There are other options for outdoor kitchen countertops which are (theoretically) compatible, however they should be considered carefully…

  • Concrete
    Durable concrete nicks and scratches easier than granite slabs, as well as fades or yellows with sun exposure.
  • Soapstone
    Resistant to heat and staining, unsealed/unoiled soapstone can be darkened by fingerprints, liquids and oils, and is known to scratch easily.
  • Slate
    The outdoor performance of slate is a wild card. Performance varies widely, with some slates being very durable and stain resistant, while others stain, scratch, crack, and cleave.
  • Marble
    Marble can work well outdoors, however a honed surface is advisable to prevent etching and staining.
  • Tile
    Ceramic and granite tiles are durable; however maintaining grout lines outdoors can present a challenge outdoors, causing staining and cracking if neglected. 
  • Corian
    Corian is not recommended for use outdoors. Its color fades, and its surface is prone to stains, scratches, and burns.

  • Quartz
    Though a durable and beautiful choice for indoor applications, quartz slabs are also not recommended for outdoor use due to their topcoat’s capacity to yellow when exposed to the elements.

Design an outdoor kitchen that’s the envy of the neighborhood
Performance that lasts starts with quality building materials. Shop the latest in hand-selected, premium quality granite slabs from Granite Imports online, or visit a Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins area showroom near you today.

Granite Slabs Stand the Test of Time

As one of the most popular building materials throughout the world, granite slabs have a myriad of uses, from buildings and monuments towering above, to floors and other surfaces beneath your feet. Beautiful and time-tested, granite has been used for thousands of years in a variety of applications.

Some of Granite’s Extraordinary Uses throughout History Include:


  • Granite SlabsMenkaure’s Pyramid
    Constructed around 26th century B.C., Menkaure’s Pyramid was the smallest of the three major pyramids of Giza, constructed of limestone and granite blocks.
  • Relics in the Great Pyramid of Giza
    Presumed to be constructed around 2580 B.C. or earlier, The Great Pyramid of Giza features an enormous granite sarcophagus created from red granite.
      • Relics of The Black Pyramid
        A polished granite capstone sits for display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, pulled from the ruins of the Black Pyramid, built during the reign of Amenemhat III around 2055-1650 B.C.


      • granite-imports-granite-slabs-2The World’s First Granite Temple
        Built by Rajaraja Chola I in the 11th century A.D. in the city of Tanjore to honor the god Shiva, this temple, one of the largest in India, recently celebrated being in use for 1000 years.
      • The Gopuram
        The colossal and unbelievably ornate Gopuram was constructed in 1010 A.D. as a granite shrine dedicated to the god Shiva. Comprising the upper section of the Brihadeeswarar Temple, it is estimated to weigh over 80 tons, and was the tallest temple in South India at the time it was built.


      • Nelson’s Column
        Constructed in 1838, an 18 foot sculpted statue of British Admiral Horatio Nelson sets atop a 184 foot granite column in Trafalgar Square, London in honor of his victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 against the French-Spanish fleet, proclaimed to be the biggest Royal British Marine victory of all times.
      • Granite Memorial FountainDiana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain
      • Constructed from 545 pieces of Cornish granite, this unusual fountain flows in two directions from its highest point, coalescing into a serene pool at its base. Since its dedication in 2004, it has drawn over 1 million visitors per year.

United States

    • Signers Monument
      Built in 1848 in Augusta, Georgia, this 50 foot obelisk built from granite slabs was constructed in honor of three signers of the Declaration of Independence: George Walton, Lyman Hall, and Button Gwinnett.
    • Granite Mountain SlabsMount Rushmore
      Carved in the 1930s, the faces of four U.S. presidents adorn the southeastern side of this massive monument, the highest peak in the region comprised of some of the hardest granite.
    • Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial
      Built through the fundraising efforts of veterans and families who wanted to honor those lost in the conflict, this V-shaped memorial was fashioned from 500 feet of polished black Indian granite and sandblasted with more than 58,000 names of those who perished or went missing in battle. 

Suffice it to say, granite has been used for these and many other timeless monuments because of its beauty and durability. Make your own mark in stone with a selection of granite slabs from Granite Imports. Visit our Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins area Granite Imports showroom nearest you today, or check out our extensive online inventory.

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