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Engineered Quartz Slabs as Flooring

Engineered quartz slabs, manmade rather than quarried from a mine, have become a popular stone countertop option due to their easy care, stain resistance, and lasting durability. Available in nearly every color imaginable, including patterns mimicking natural stone, the stone is increasingly popping up in new applications, among them, flooring.

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Hard surface, or stone countertops: Do you know the difference?

There’s a dizzying array of stone countertops to choose from. Granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, limestone slabs and the same stone in various tile. Who knew choosing a countertop could be so complex? Before you choose, it may be helpful to know the facts about the similarities and differences in stone materials.
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Granite and Quartz Slabs: Rock Color Right

Quartz SlabsFor those who have lived among the neutral hues of the rental community for many years, home ownership may find you lusting after the color you’ve been craving all these years. Should you indulge? That will depend on your predicament. Homeowners looking to step up when finances permit may want to pass on bolder color palettes. For those looking to stay long-term, however, carefully planned and tastefully tackled kitchen and bath remodels featuring bold granite and quartz slab color choices can offer a treat for the eyes.

A rainbow of possibilities
Today’s granite and quartz slabs offer an array of colorful choices, from soft pastels to bold, intense hues, offering fun, focus, and drama for your kitchen or bath. To ensure your look is jaw dropping in the right way and tastefully lasts the test of time like the natural stone it’s comprised of, just be mindful of your cabinet and backsplash color and style choices: Simple edges (eased or bevel as opposed to more ornate trims) in paired cabinets and backsplashes allow your granite or quartz countertops to remain center stage without presenting a look that is overwhelming for the senses.

Other ways to elevate your design vary by color choice…

  • Blues
    Quartz Slabs BluePair blue quartz or granite countertops with whites and blacks like simple white subway tile and cabinets so color will pop and shine. Use appliances, lighting and kitchen accessories to establish contemporary or traditional preferences. Blues are especially stunning in baths.

  • Greens
    Quartz Slabs GreenGreens offers vibrant color that is adventurous, but not shocking. Pair with black and white for an organic feel, adding wood to accentuate the natural and outdoorsy feel of this stone, particularly darker varieties. For light green granite countertop hues, enhance their seaside feel with bright whites.

  • Reds
    Quartz Slabs RedWant to make a bold statement? Nothing makes an impact like red hues. Keep it from stabbing guests in the eye with neutral white or gray cabinet and backsplash pairings, or go bolder with black.

Want something bold but not quite ready for all that color?
Bold patterns offer a compromise between neutral shades and eye-catching drama. Unique patterns with high variations or movement like swirls offer high drama without the vibrancy of some granite and quartz countertop colors. The best part? The spectacular patterns in these masterpieces of nature will never fade or go out of style, allowing you limitless redecorating variations over the years.

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