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What Does a Green Quartz Countertop Look Like?

Green quartz countertops comes in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, and shades – so many it may not be so easy choosing from the dizzying array of quartz colors. Mother Earth-friendly quartz slabs are hard, durable – and just may be the last countertop you ever purchase… Continue reading

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Thickness of Quartz Countertops: What’s Too Thin?

When selecting the thickness of quartz countertops, is thicker better? Or does thin win? Industry standards seem to vary based on application – and fabricator preference. A major deciding factor for pricing, installation method, and resistance to breakage, it pays to get the skinny on quartz thickness…
Continue reading

White Out: Fade into Confidence & Sophistication with White Quartz Counters in Denver

Macintosh HD:Users:newuser:Dropbox:WSI:Clients:Granite Imports:Granite Imports Shared Folder:Photos:Polarstone - Insalls:Arrebescato Corchia 5137:Arrebescato Corchia - Kitchen island.jpgAfraid white quartz counters in Denver might be boring? Sterile? Think again. White is all the rage, particularly all-white design motifs. Blasting away boring stereotypes from days of yore, today’s all-white kitchen, bathroom, and laundry designs offer purity, cleanliness, confidence and sophistication from traditional to modern design schemes. Continue reading

Quartz Countertops Are Taking-On Granite: 7 Reasons They May Conquer Your Kitchen

 Grey and White Quartz countertopsGranite’s beauty and durability have made it a top choice in kitchen design for years, however quartz countertops, a relative newcomer, are now taking the American market by storm. Why are home buyers, contractors and renovators, and even designers migrating over to this manmade countertop option?

7 Main Reasons Quartz Countertops are Conquering Kitchens:

  1. A match made in heaven.
    Quartz countertops offer a wider variety of colors and looks, from those that mimic granite and other natural stones to designs that are more uniform in appearance – all of which can be easily color-matched to your design scheme.
  2. The ability to go BIG in your home.
    Brown Bathroom Quartz countertopsIn keeping with today’s large kitchen island trend, oversized quartz slabs are far easier to come by than larger single pieces of natural granite, making the task of tackling expansive countertops far simpler – and less expensive. Seaming slabs together is also much easier, courtesy of quartz’s color matching capabilities.
  3. No fuss, no muss care.
    Like granite, quartz’s non-porous surface is mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant, requiring only a soap and water wash.
  4. No pain from stains.
    Quartz countertops easily ward off stains such as juice, wine, and other oily and acidic substances that can effect granite if left to sit for too long. White counters – game on!
  5. Feel the burn….
    Though quartz is not compatible with direct sunlight exposure, both countertop options offer similar levels of heat and scratch resistance.
  6. Budget friendliness.
    While lower grades of granite can be less expensive than quartz, when it comes to exotic granite slabs and other premium natural stones such as marble, quartz countertops typically offer more bang for the buck.
  7. Mother Earth-approved.
    Though quartz is manmade, it is Greenguard approved and can offer a more environmentally friendly alternative than granite, especially when compared to quarried stones which have been transported from far-off regions rather than nearby locales.

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