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Granite Countertop Edges

You’ve selected the perfect granite countertops and finish for your project, but the last element of perfection for your granite countertop design – edge selection – still awaits. Critical to the overall look, feel, and function of your granite countertops, selecting the right granite countertop edge is critical to a finished product you will continue to love.

What Edge Profile Best Fits Your Needs?

    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-1Standard Edge
      The most commonly used edge, the square design of granite countertops with a standard edge offers a sleek, clean look compatible with any décor. Be mindful that sharp edges may cause injury on impact and are more susceptible to damage.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-21/4 Inch Bevel
      For those who prefer a traditional, elegant feel, a small quarter bevel is a great fit. A great choice for formal dining rooms and kitchens.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-31/2 Inch Bevel
      The angular edge created by a half inch bevel is a great way to accomplish a heavy, modern look.
    • 3/4 Inch Bevel
      Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-4The perfect choice for showcasing spectacular granite countertops, a 3/4 inch bevel features a slightly longer pitch at the top (compared to countertops with a half inch bevel) with a shorter rise on the bottom half. A great cut for highlighting patterns with movement.


    • Bullnose
      The rounded detail of a bullnose edge is a great fit for a myriad of styles, particularly traditional. Most commonly used for countertops that have upper bar areas, it does have one drawback: Removing crumbs from a granite countertop with a bullnose edge is tricky.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-6Half Bullnose
      Similar to a waterfall cut: half round at the top, flat on the bottom, the half bullnose can add curves to a room as well as showcase the thickness and solidity of granite. Its flowing design also makes it a safe choice for homes with children.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-7Quarter Round Top/Bottom
      Soften the edges of standard edge granite countertops by rounding at the top or bottom  (quarter round), or by rounding both (double quarter round).
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-8Half Round
      With a 15mm radius on top and an eased edge on the bottom, the half round marries well with both contemporary and traditional designs, creating a sleek look that is both impact resistant and easy to clean.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-9Ogee
      Beautiful and elegant, the ogee is the second most popular edge design. The perfect choice to enhance the beauty of granite and a great fit for traditional kitchens, its large groove complimented with a rounded bottom can really define space, but may be too heavy handed for some kitchen designs. A great choice for those aiming for a granite countertop with a thin feel.
    • Granite-Blog3-granite-countertop-denver-2-16-10Waterfall
      With edges that seamlessly flow from plane to plane, waterfall edges are a popular choice for turning a granite countertop into a focal point, particularly when cascaded over the side of an existing structure, such as a kitchen island. The sleek, modern look of this cut can also help shield cabinetry from splashes.


  • Rockface Edge
    This chiseled edge is created by carefully chipping and smoothing projections, then polishing to enhance color.  Perfect for outdoor and contemporary kitchens.

An overabundance of choices have you feeling a little on edge? Granite Imports can help. See edging in action at our Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins showroom today.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Finishes

Think you’ve found the perfect color for your granite kitchen countertop? Hold up, you’re not done yet! After narrowing your granite countertop selection, you’ll soon have to decide on a finish before your fabricator can work his magic.

What Granite Countertop Finish is the Right Fit for Your kitchen?

  • Granite-Blog1-granite-kitchen-countertops-denver-2-16-1Polished
    If you like a glossy finish, a polished granite countertop is for you. Smooth and reflective, polished granite shows off the rich color and texture of a slab. The least porous finishing option, it’s easy to clean and great for preventing stains, but may bring to attention crumbs and natural imperfections. No one color category is better than another for a polished surface.
  • Granite-Blog1-granite-kitchen-countertops-denver-2-16-2Honed/Matte
    The satin-like surface of a honed or matte granite countertop can bring a feel of elegance to any design. Smooth but not shiny or reflective, honed granite has slightly more texture. Honing cuts down on glare and masks crumbs, streaks, and natural imperfections in the stone, but doesn’t bring out granite’s color as much as a polished surface. Honing can fade the color of stone, which is more noticeable on darker slabs.
  • Granite-Blog1-granite-kitchen-countertops-denver-2-16-3Leathered
    Looking for a finish somewhere between polished and honed? A leathered finish is more textured than a polished surface, highlighting color, but also disguises crumbs and streaks like a honed surface. It is more stain resistant than honed granite, and hides fingerprints and water spots better than polished slabs. It is the method preferred for blacks and very dark slabs for those who don’t want a glossy finish.
  • Caressed
    This finish adds gloss to the leathered finish. This finish starts with being leathered, but then polishing the raised areas. This last process closes the pores more than the leathered finish, making it suitable for granite kitchen countertop applications.
  • Flame
    Flamed granite is honed and roughened by heat using an extremely hot flame. The impact of the direct heat causes crystals to pop out of the granite, resulting in a rough texture that is best used for exterior purposes, such as exterior walkways or shower floors. This technique is only compatible with granite slabs.
  • Abrasive/Sandblast
    Granite-Blog1-granite-kitchen-countertops-denver-2-16-6-This flat, non-reflective finish is mainly used for decorative use and outdoor installations, as it is extremely porous and would be difficult to keep clean. This finish fades color even more than honing, and its final look can vary greatly depending on the composition of the stone. Any stone slab can be surfaced this way, but its use is for very specific purposes where a rough surface is desired.

Still unsure which finish is best for your project? Nothing can give you the feel for a finish like viewing it in person. Experience the beauty of granite and see the difference the right finish can make first-hand. Visit a Granite Imports showroom near you today.

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