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Granite Slabs Offer a Multitude of Uses for Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are a rapidly-growing trend, topping the must-have list for new and existing homeowners alike. Extending living space to offer multi-season respite, function, and privacy, outdoor living spaces are a boon for those aching to take advantage of as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Among the most sought-after features for these spaces are granite slabs, whose impressive features not only offer high-end looks, but the strength, durability, stain and scratch resistance, and weather resilience necessary to withstand Mother Nature. Granite Slabs

How many ways can you use granite slabs in your outdoor living space?

  • Food prep
    Located next to your grill or as a standalone island, granite countertops make the perfect food prep area. Pair granite countertops in Denver with a granite composite sink for a durable dynamic duo that’s sure to last, and clean up fast.

  • Buffet and serving
    Granite slabs set up as a buffet or serving area make the perfect location for staging prepared foods, drinks, and dinnerware for entertaining.

  • Dining
    A granite slab on a built-in stone base offers the perfect dining area for any outdoor event, from round patio tables to farmhouse and picnic style designs.

  • Seating
    Granite slabs offer durable outdoor seating, whether topped with plush cushions for comfort, or left bare for waterproof, post-pool or spa play.

  • Bars
    Granite countertops make for impressive and highly-functional bars.

  • Spa and poolside features and décor
    One of the hardest natural stones, eco-friendly granite tiles and slabs are often sought-after by pool designers for their ability to hold a shine, repel water, and provide looks that last, granite’s visually compelling natural patterns offering both function and ambiance. (PHOTO

A kaleidoscope of color
The natural beauty of granite slabs offer a wide array of colors, perfect for matching the décor in any outdoor living space from flowers to furniture. For looks that last, opt for mid-range colors to avoid heat buildup and patterns with less veining to avoid reactions to epoxies and fillers in heavily veined patterns which may react to UV rays.

Ease of use
Easier to maintain than its countertop competitors, cleaning granite countertops in Denver is a breeze. Simply hose-off or wipe with water and a mild detergent prior to use. Covering them with a pergola, awning, or umbrella further reduces these simple cleaning needs, as well as reduces heat buildup.

Ready to find a fabulously functional accent for your outdoor living space? Shop premium granite slabs at your area Denver, Fort Collins, or Grand Junction area Granite Imports showroom today.

Granite Imports Launches New Website with Advanced Granite Slab Inventory Tracking Features

Unlike time-tested granite slabs, the Internet, in its infancy on the grand timeline of technology, is continually evolving. Gone are the desktops of yore, replaced with everything from tablets to smart phones and watches. To better fit consumers’ technology needs, Granite Imports has launched a new responsive website to serve its customers: fabricators, builders, kitchen designers and homeowners in their quest for the perfect granite slab for their projects.

Out With the Old…
Taking your search for new granite slabs to a new level, the revamped Granite Imports’ site will provide optimal viewing of inventory and ease of navigation, reducing the need to constantly resize, pan, or scroll to view necessary information across a wide range of mobile devices.

In With the New…
In addition to updating the platform, the site has a host of additional features:

  • Fully Integrated Inventory Database
    A fully integrated inventory database was developed to allow for an updated inventory, as well as to prevent design challenges typically associated with the procurement of granite countertops from multiple areas across the globe. Real-time, daily updates on new inventory and quantities of available granite slabs and tile ensure customer service expectations are surpassed and a fabrication project won’t be delayed by shortages of stone slabs.
  • Project Gallery
    A brand new photo gallery showcasing finished granite countertop projects, all provided by Granite Import’s loyal fabricators. Ongoing, Granite Imports fabricators can submit their project photos for inclusion in the gallery. Work demonstrating the highest quality design and installation will be displayed in the project gallery.
  • Location Pages
    New location pages provide detailed information on fabricators in Denver, Grand Junction, and Fort Collins for homeowners, kitchen designers and builders in need of a professional fabricator.
  • Real-Time Updates of Images with Each Shipment
    Real-time updates of images as shipment arrive provide a far better representation of the current stock of each granite countertop color. Though choosing a slab online is not recommended, these updated images offer a good starting point for kitchen and bathroom designs prior to an in-person granite countertop viewing in area showrooms.

From fabricators striving to add to clientele by posting beautifully concluded projects to the gallery, to homeowners in search of skilled fabricators to bring the dream of custom granite countertops to fruition, Granite Imports’ industry-leading operations and customer service endeavor to help our customers achieve their goals. Take advantage of our newly redesigned website or visit a Granite Imports showroom near you today.

Other Color Considerations For Picking Your Granite Slab

If you are already looking at the thousands of granite slabs in our Denver area locations, you have made it clear that you and your designer or contractor have hit upon your material choice for your countertops. We often see firsthand the uncertainty that granite color choices and patterning brings. Granite Imports offers these tips for visualizing our granite slabs in Denver as finished counters and backsplashes, of whatever color, in your kitchen, bath, or bar:

granite slabsWithout stepping on anyone’s design sensibilities, Granite Import’s first cue about what color granite is right for your application is the size of the space you are finishing with granite. The smaller that space is, the more a darker color will seem to visually shrink the room. Now, many people do not have any problem trading off a sense of visual compression for the elegance a darker granite color can bring to a space, but you must be warned that when a lot of black granite is used in a smaller kitchen or bathroom, it is critical to use strong lighting solutions, or lighter cabinet, floor, or paint contrasts to put the “air” back into the space. Continue reading

All Granite Slabs are Not Equal

Whether you come to see us in Denver, Grand Junction, or Fort Collins, when you visit Granite Imports you’ll be viewing granite slabs that come from all over the world. And while two granite slabs that may seem similar in appearance, they could have two different grades. A common question we get asked is what determines quality? Continue reading

Light Color Pallete of Granite Slabs Continue to Outpace Darker Hues by 4 to 1

Over the past year the demand for light color granite slabs are creating a notable trend in the color palette of our granite inventory. The appetite for lighter stone is due to the changing appetite in cabinetry and flooring colors. Consumers are choosing darker woods for cabinets and flooring, and the rich tones of cherry, walnut or other dark stains are dominating bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling. Continue reading

Granite Sales In Grand Junction Brisk with New Granite Imports Warehouse

As homeowners and builders increasingly source granite for countertops, Granite Imports recognized the need for a larger Grand Junction warehouse to provide the granite slabs needed to fill demand. While we have been supplying granite slabs to Grand Junction fabricators since 2003, our facilities were limited and did not allow us to offer a large number of options. Continue reading

Stop By Granite Imports for Our Winter Blowout on Select Granite Slabs and More!

With summer right around the corner, our staff at Granite Imports is clearing out with our Winter Blowout Clearance Sale featuring a variety of slabs at 50% off.  As a leading granite importer and supplier in Colorado with locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction, our impressive supply of granite slabs and other natural stones gives you plenty to choose from when deciding on the perfect granite countertop design for the summertime. Continue reading

Granite Imports Explores Why Undermount Sinks Have Unique Design Elements That Work Well with Granite Slab Counters

Denver, Colorado – Colorado-based granite distribution company Granite Imports is exploring why the unique design elements of undermount sinks work well with granite slab counters. Choosing the right sink to complement your counters can be a tough decision, but the variety of choices that undermount sinks provide will ensure that you can achieve the countertop remodel that you desire. Continue reading