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A Granite Kitchen in Denver. . .Or A Marble One?

granite kitchenWith our showroom and our online design tool, Granite Imports has been showing the public the possibilities for stunning granite kitchens in Denver for over 10 years. However, some people dare to be different and we do cater to those folks too. Granite Imports not only has the greatest selection of granite slabs in the Denver area, we also carry an achingly beautiful selection of marble slabs too.

If you feel that a granite kitchen in Denver has been done one too many times, and if you feel that you are up to the material challenges that employing marble in the kitchen entails, then you are a candidate to have your designer and fabricator come up with a kitchen that is nearly as tough as a granite kitchen, but in Denver would be relatively rare—a kitchen with marble countertops. Continue reading

Five Do’s and Dont’s for Granite Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

The high durability of stone countertops makes them very difficult to damage, which is why marble, limestone, quartz and other natural stone materials are so popular for kitchen remodels. Despite this high damage resistance, it is still important to care for your granite kitchen countertops to keep them in their peak condition. Our experts at Granite Imports have outlined some tips below to help you achieve this. Continue reading

Four Reasons Why a Kitchen Island Adds Value to Your New or Remodeled Granite Kitchen

Whether you’re conducting a remodel or creating a brand new granite kitchen, a kitchen island is a great way to give it some flair and add value to your home. Kitchen islands typically act as the central point of your kitchen and add plenty of benefits that those who forgo an island don’t get to enjoy. Our experts at Granite Imports have compiled the following list of four reasons that should convince you why installing a kitchen island is worth the investment. Continue reading