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7 Tips to Add a Natural Feel to Your Kitchen

Does your dream kitchen look like a greenhouse, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and luscious foliage and greenery? Don’t let reality douse your creative fire. From small, budget-friendly additions to complete kitchen renovation, there are many ways to incorporate a ‘garden vibe’ into your kitchen…

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Five Do’s and Dont’s for Granite Kitchen Countertop Maintenance

The high durability of stone countertops makes them very difficult to damage, which is why marble, limestone, quartz and other natural stone materials are so popular for kitchen remodels. Despite this high damage resistance, it is still important to care for your granite kitchen countertops to keep them in their peak condition. Our experts at Granite Imports have outlined some tips below to help you achieve this. Continue reading

Merging Contemporary and Industrial Styles with Granite Countertops from Granite Imports

One of the biggest struggles for homeowners embarking on the renovation process is the decision of which concept to go with for their granite countertops– do you want something old world or new modern? Warm or cold? Rustic or industrial? The decision can be a tough one and bring some renovations to a standstill, but our experts at Granite Imports can help you through this decisionby showing you the possibilities offered by mixing contemporary and industrial designs. Continue reading

Granite Imports Features Exotic Yellow Granite Countertops for a Wilder Kitchen Color Scheme

When you take a look at the most common kinds of granite countertops out there, you may notice that they tend to be rich in earth tone colors: blacks, browns and greys. However, don’t let this limit your perception when you’re re-imagining your kitchen for a remodel. At Granite Imports, we offer a variety of exotic colors, such as a deep yellow, to ensure that your vision is not bound by the standard colors on the market. Continue reading

Granite Imports Explores Characteristics of Quality Fabricators for Denver Granite Countertops

For those looking to install Denver granite countertops into their home, it’s important to recognize the benefits of the fabricator in your design and home remodel or build. Choosing a quality fabricator will give you access to a reliable source of information and suggestions when it comes to materials and design ideas. Our experts at Granite Imports have listed some things to look for in a fabricator to help your project run as smoothly as possible. Continue reading

Light-Toned Denver Granite Kitchen Countertops from Granite Imports

Giving your home the feel of more space can be quite simple with a bit of thought and the use of light tones. Our team at Granite Imports recently helped a homeowner remodel the granite kitchen countertops in their small kitchen to give it a larger feel using various design techniques. Many people design their small kitchens without considering these design techniques and end up inadvertently giving their kitchen a claustrophobic feel. Continue reading

Outdoor Living Space with Granite Countertops

Designing an outdoor living space can be a fun and exciting process that allows you to create the same comforts in your back yard as you experience in your kitchen. One of the most popular features among homeowners who are designing an outdoor living space, is the installation of granite countertops. With plenty of aesthetic appeal and the benefits of strength and durability, granite is a prime material to hold up under a wide range of environmental conditions. Continue reading

Granite Imports offers Chef-Approved Granite Countertops

Denver, Colorado – May 12, 2015 – Colorado-based granite distribution company Granite Imports proudly supplies quality granite slabs for culinary experts and chefs who are designing their dream kitchens at home, and for those who are designing a kitchen with the master chef in mind. Continue reading

Black Granite Countertops Remain In-Demand at Granite Imports

Granite Imports houses a large inventory of slab material for granite countertops and we find that some of our most popular granite materials are our darker granites. In 2014, these slabs were trending and continue to grow in their popularity. Our experts explore the popularity of black granite countertops below and how they can be integrated into your home in the most effective way possible. Continue reading

Considering Soapstone Countertops from Granite Imports as an Alternative to Granite Countertops

Although the durability of granite countertops makes them a very popular choice for home remodels, many people are seeking something a bit different and off the beaten path. At Granite Imports, we offer a cutting edge supply of natural stone and offer many great alternatives to granite slabs. Take a look at the article below for an overview of one of the best granite alternatives for your home remodel, Soapstone. Continue reading