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New Offerings in Polarstone Engineered Quartz: Advancements in Design Deliver New Looks for Your Home

Homeowners and designers love engineered quartz. Delivering the looks of an array of natural stone surfaces in a package that is lasting and easily maintained, it has a strong foothold in the marketplace. As manufacturers take note of changing design trends and advancements in quartz technology rise to meet the needs of consumers, a vast new selection of product offerings is stocking the shelves of premium stone distributors across the U.S.

On-Trend, Cutting-Edge Engineered Quartz Design for Your Kitchen

Popular trends in kitchen design influencing quartz countertops include:

Nature-Inspired Looks
The ongoing trend toward nature-inspired looks continues, with a desire for rougher, textured surfaces such as soapstone and limestone.

polarstone castillo gray

Polarstone Castillo Gray 5310

Statement Pieces with Dramatic Flair
Pricey marble pieces such as Calcutta Gold and Black Marquina, reminiscent of the elegant tabletop surfaces of fine, stately homes, are more readily available and budget-friendly in engineered quartz variations.

Polarstone Empire 7401

Polarstone Empire 7401

Whites & Grays
Whites and grays such continue to dominate the market, with veined marble doppelgangers continuing their favored regard as homeowners seek their regal looks – sans the limited installation applications and higher maintenance of their natural counterpart. Calacatta Vagli imitators, in particular, are popular for their authentic looks and extended applications, including those never before recommended for soft marble, such as kitchen countertops.

polarstone montclair imperial

Polarstone Montclair Imperial

Industrial Appeal
The industrial look likewise continues in popularity, moving with the shift toward individuality in kitchen design. Concrete, in particular, seems to be gaining steam, leading many to turn to concrete-look quartz for options that are more stain resistant and easier upkeep.

polarstone organic concrete

Polarstone Organic Concrete

Bold, Contemporary Colors
Homeowners, particularly of the younger ilk, are seeking a bit more character in their countertops. Heavy veining and bold colors are particularly popular.

polarstone mondria salonne

Polarstone Mondria Salonne

Easy-Care Matte Surfaces
The demand for matte textured surfaces, such as Polarstone Touch Finish, continue to grow in popularity, as this looks reflect less light, camouflaging dirt better while remaining smooth and easy to clean thanks to the nonporous nature of engineered quartz slabs.

Polarstone Maison

Polarstone Maison

Are you ready to let your individuality shine? Shop the next generation in engineered quartz designs and technology at your area Granite Imports showroom today.