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Commercial Granite Countertops: Will they Work for your Business?

Commercial Granite CountertopsContemplating commercial granite countertops for your commercial space? As a business owner, you understand the extreme use of business environments can show their affects more quickly, so to avoid a repeat performance of your remodel, you’ll need to select a surface that can meet these demands with minimal maintenance. Does such a thing exist?

Granite slabs top the list of most durable surfaces for commercial projects, including:

·        Office rest rooms

·        Retail venues

·        Restaurants

·        Hotels

·        Healthcare

·        Schools

How does granite stack up against other commercial kitchen countertop solutions?

Commercial Granite CountertopsPros: Varying greatly in price depending on grade and pattern, commercial granite countertops offerelegance and utility even in the hard-use environment of commercial kitchens. Heat and stain resistant, granite’s surface requires only annual sealing. Seams are minimal courtesy of large slab sizes, and color variety is vast, with no two slabs alike.

Cons: Due to its naturally porous nature, granite may not be compatible with certain healthcare and food uses. Be certain to consult industry best practices regarding food contact and disinfection protocols prior to purchase.


Pros: Commercial quartz countertops are strong, offering stain and scratch resistance, but less resistance to heat than granite. More uniform in appearance than natural stone, quartz offers versatility and customization due to its larger slab sizes. Easy to maintain, it requires no sealing, and its non-porous surface is resistant to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Cons: Slightly more in price thanother solid surface options, quartz’s food service capabilities vary greatly by manufacturer, from NSF Nonfood to Food Zone compliant. Verifying compatibility prior to purchase is advised.


Pros: Concrete is durable and versatile. Like granite, it offers heat and stain resistance, but requires annual sealing.

Cons: Curing requirements greatly extend installation times. Non-structural hairline fissures naturally develop over time. Sealers can be easily scratched or wear off over time, offering little to no protection. Food safe, low-VOC sealers are available, but can be easily compromised by heat. Cutting/chopping on its surface is also not recommended.


Pros: Inexpensive and fast to install, laminates have greatly improved over time.

Cons: Laminate counters are still primarily a sheet of laminate placed over a particleboard substrate, which makes them prone to heat damage, delamination, and water damage – which cannot be repaired – making its already lower-quality appearance look worn rather quickly.

Whether you need a small piece of granite or a quarry’s worth of slabs,Granite Imports has the resources you need to create stunning results that will stand the test of time.Contact us or stop by an one of our three warehouses and discover how to transform your business with commercial granite countertops today.