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Boring Bath? Check Out these Natural Stone Shower Trends


Natrual Stone ShowerBoring, utilitarian bathrooms are thankfully a thing of the past. After all, the bath is a place everyone goes to relax, refresh, or simply indulge in a little ‘alone time.’ After years of purely practical design, however, many homeowners find themselves stumped when facing a bathroom redesign. Luckily, we have some tips for getting past the standard hardware store bath accouterments.

Thinking Outside the Box: Natural Stone Shower & Bath Design

  • Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon
    Skip standard 4×4 tile squares and overdone subway tiles in favor of newer styles and materials.  Go bold with patterns and geometric designs, unique shapes and textures such as 3-D tiling, or stunning natural stone slabs and tiles. Large slabs of marble, granite, and nonporous quartz slabs are showstoppers on the wall, and are common fare in 5-star hotels. Or for slightly less, create an equally stunning look with inventive natural tile patterns.
  • Go Luxe
    Top-off surfaces with stunning, premium natural stone countertops. The smaller square footage of most baths makes this a great place to splurge – and earn dramatic rewards.
  • Freshen Up the Design
    For those with a bigger budget, consider replacing a built-in tub with a freestanding model. Walk-in shower? Give it an update with French doors, completing the look with an antique-inspired vanity or statement sink.
  • Mix it Up
    Go large with rain showerheads, pairing with body sprayers and a whirl for a spa-like shower. Choose dark metals for a bold look, or update traditional brass, chrome, and nickel finishes by selecting a brushed look.
  • Think Innovatively
    Choose showerheads with smart light, sound, steam, and temperature settings for a customizable cleansing experience. Today’s smart shower system tech syncs up to smartphones and tablets, adjusting with a few clicks. Remote control and buttoned systems also exist.
  • Go Green
    Create an organic look and feel with natural stone floors such as soft, honed travertine and limestone, expanding the natural, outdoorsy theme with paint and décor in soft neutrals, warm grays, bold greens, and rich browns on walls and furnishings. Add larger windows (strategically placed or with frosted glass) to bring the outdoors in, accenting with greenery. 

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