Add Personality to Your Bath with these Lively Hues

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

To some, white is a classic choice for bathroom walls. To others, white is a blank slate. If white walls leave you wanting more, look to these alternative hues to liven up your bath.


Tips for Using Wall Color to Set the Stage for Your Bath Design


  • The Blue Bath
    A blue bath in hues of the sky or water imbues a feeling of tranquility. This tone pairs well with a variety of designs, including popular nautical and traditional bath schemes, and can enhance window views. Pair blue walls with white or wood accessories, accenting with marble countertops and flooring for an elegant touch.
  • The Sunny Yellow Bath
    The perfect way to wake up in the morning, sunny yellow bathroom walls are a cheerful addition to any bath. Pair with easy-care white engineered quartz countertops and white cabinetry and accessories to keep your palette bright.
  • The Green Bath
    Green hues, inspired by nature, add an earthy feel, reflecting the beauty of the outdoors. White cabinetry, toilets, and sinks complement this shade well, as do fixtures, natural stone countertops, and flooring with warm, earthy brown tones such as fantasy brown quartzite.
  • The Grey Bath
    Grey and greige tones remain popular throughout today’s homes, adding a touch of sophistication. Keep your grey bath classic with marble countertops, or add a touch of excitement and color with Blue Bahia granite.
  • The Beige Bath
    Tried and trusted beige walls, a few shades darker than white, add a sense of calm and a feeling of luxury. Pair with Crema Marfil or Daino Reale marble slabs for a monochromatic effect, or black granite countertops for contrast.
  • The Navy Bath
    Though navy is considered a traditional tone, it can make a strong statement in the bath. To avoid overpowering the bathroom space, pair it with white cabinetry and accessories. For added texture and drama, accent with heavily veined marble countertops and flooring.
  • Pastel Pink and Peach Baths
    Subtle shades of peach and pink look beautiful and bright when paired with white fixtures and accessories. The warm glow of these tones also enhances the complexion in the mirror.
  • The Lavender Bath
    Add a touch of whimsy to your home with a lavender bath, pairing pale tones of this hue with pristine white engineered quartz countertops and fixtures. Enliven the design with towels, curtains, and art in a deeper purple tone.
  • The Turquoise Bath
    The bath is the ideal locale for bright hues of turquoise. With the feel of gulf coast waters, this lively shade looks amazing with sandstone countertops and pairs well with white and natural wood accents.
  • The Black Bath
    The antithesis of the traditional white bath, black bathroom walls impart a dramatic effect. This dark, moody hue is becoming increasingly popular in many designs, and pairs well with a dramatic countertop centerpiece, or contrasting accessories. Use this shade carefully, however, it is tricky to work with.


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