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Add a Dedicated Baking Station

Dreaming of a dedicated baking station? Today’s baking enthusiasts are taking a page from professional pastry chefs and staking a claim on kitchen space with the addition of functional and beautiful dedicated baking stations. How can you add their professional prowess to your kitchen space?


Cozy Up to Marble Countertops

Favored among bakers, the surface of naturally smooth marble countertops prevents sticking. Made of calcium carbonate, it contains ‘built-in’ anti-caking capabilities. What’s more, its surface does not conduct heat, keeping butter to temperature and allowing items to cool naturally. Marble is also heat resistant, standing up to fresh-from-the-oven bread and pastry pans. Timeless and classic, it blends well into nearly any existing kitchen design.


Mix, Knead & Roll in Comfort…

If you’re the sole baker in the family, carefully consider the ideal height of your worktop surface. While the typical counter height works fine for mixing and assembling, most bakers prefer the leverage of a lower surface when kneading and rolling dough to avoid joint fatigue. While you could step on a stool if you’re sharing the surface, lowering the countertop height of your dedicated baking station between 30-36-inches (depending on your height) offers a more comfortable workspace.


Seek Out Prime Real Estate

A baking station with a view is wonderful, however for many, placement near equipment is preferred, such as an island-end locale where rolling pins, mixers, pans, and other essential equipment can float nearby without crowding work surface space. For an all-out kitchen remodel with baking station addition, integrating a stepped-down station right into an island design is also a popular choice.
Traditional Kitchen by Kristina Ciccu Interior Design


Short on Space? You Can Still Incorporate a Baking Station…

You just have to be a bit more clever about it… Consider a custom island to tuck-away under an existing island or table, or a drop-leaf rolling cart. Large pantries and armoire-like cabinets can also provide prime real estate for a dedicated baking station addition, especially for those who like to leave out a jumble of equipment and ingredients, allowing bakers to close the door on clutter when not in use.


Baking Bells & Whistles

Don’t forget to incorporate drawers and storage for an array of baking paraphernalia into your dedicated space, including storage for flours, sugars, and spices, as well as utensils and equipment such as measuring cups, rollers, bowls, and pans, heavier-duty mixers, and processors. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of open shelving or vertical pull-out drawers and cabinets for access and ease-of-use.


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