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Accent Your Marble with Black & White

Topping off your kitchen or bath design with marble countertops? Accent them with the timeless look of black and white. The staying power of this classic combination has lasted more than 100 years. In fact, many of the patterns popular today date back to Victorian times.

Black & White Can Support Any Style Statement

Black and white schemes offer compatibility from traditional to modern kitchen styles and everything in-between. There are many ways you can deck out your kitchen or bath in a timeless black and white look…

  • Start with White, Accenting in Black

White is a common choice for fixtures and appliances, from stove tops and sinks in the kitchen, to toilets and tubs in the bath, making the addition of the sharp contrast of black a simple way to make a strong style statement. Add the unique flair of matte black faucets, pipes, curtain rods and hardware. Trim windows, baseboards, and crown molding in black. Add shelving or cabinets beneath sinks in stunning black, complementing black trim with a black and white trimmed floor.

Fabulous Home in Hackney eclectic-bathroom


  • Add an Accent Wall

      • Wallpaper
        Graphic, black and white wallpaper can make a strong style statement on accent walls. Available in many genres, there’s a match for a myriad of styles, from classic checks and stripes, to elegant florals and eccentric images and patterns.
        Hamilton Hill project traditional-powder-room

      • Tile
        A black and white herringbone tile pattern accent wall makes for a beautiful backdrop for the addition of brass sconces and mirrors, especially when paired with a Greek key tile border on the floor.

      Midcentury Bathroom by Kenowa Builders

    • Natural Stone Slab
      Pair your natural stone marble countertops with a stunning feature wall comprised of a single or multiple stone slabs, such as black granite, engineered quartz or backlit onyx slabs.
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  • Extend Black & White Floor Tiles
    Extend black and white themed floor tile up the wall, center-stage on your accent wall or in the shower to create a dramatic, eye-catching focal point.

Sandymount Home - Extension & Renovation contemporary-bathroom    Chepstow Villas, Notting Hill, London contemporary-bathroom

  • Color Block
    Play with the yin-yang balance of your black and white design, strategically splicing blocks of black and white into the design of your kitchen or bath.
    Image result for color blocking in the kitchen with black and white   Image result for color blocking in the bathroom with black and white

  • Add a Lively Patterned Black & White Floor Tile
    A bold, patterned floor tile is a great way to add visual interest in subtler, simpler black and white color schemes, tying the entire room together.

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Looking for inspiration for your black and white kitchen or bath design? Explore options with our free online design tool, and shop the latest in stunning stone slabs and tiles at your area Granite Imports showroom today.