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A Warm, Contemporary Kitchen Is Possible

Fear ‘contemporary’ equates to ‘cold’ in kitchen design? Warm up to a new possibility! It is possible to achieve the clean look of a contemporary kitchen space while still maintaining a comfortable, inviting feel.


How Can You Create a Warm, Contemporary Kitchen?

The secret to constructing a warm, contemporary kitchen is in the establishing a firm groundwork – with just the right touches of warmth… 

  • Keep It Simple.
    Think: Clean lines. Minimal adornment. Monochromatic color schemes in classic shades of white, cream, tan, beige, gray or black – with the occasional mix.
  • For Cabinets:
    Opt for flat, single-piece slab door with no trim or frills. Doors can lay over the frame, or be inset. Glossy or matte finishes are fine, in classic hues or wood. Avoid Shaker-style doors, which are more suited to transitional/traditional kitchens.
  • For Door & Drawer Pulls:
    Go with simple, streamlined bar pulls with uniform, horizontal orientation. When it doubt, go oversized (8-12” vs 4-5”). Or for a cleaner design, skip them altogether, looking to press-touch technology and channel pulls.
  • On the Island:
    Incorporate a countertop with a waterfall edge. (PHOTO-Houzz link)
  • Countertops & Backsplash:
    A countertop and backsplash made from the same material are best, with engineered quartz offering an ideal option. Avoid strong patterns, which detract from the contemporary feel.
  • Flooring:
    Concrete, hardwoods, and oversize porcelain tile are good choices, avoiding rustic or heavily patterned selections.
  • Appliances & Fixtures:
    Choose sleek appliances with minimal lines, going stainless steel or matte black for faucet fixtures.


Now that You’ve Got the Foundation, Warm Things Up

Take the chill out of your cool foundation with ONE of the following… 

  • The introduction of wood.
    This will infuse organic warmth into your design. Opt for wood with a straight grain, like quarter-sawn oak, steering clear of knotty pine and other rustic options.
  • A wood floor.
    If you prefer painted cabinets, add a wood floor with these above attributes, further accessorizing with wood bar stools and décor.
  • Warm backsplash colors.
    Oranges, reds and golds in the backsplash or on an accent wall are an easy alternative to wood.
  • Warm grey tones.
    Warm, brown-toned greys, are extremely popular right now, and a great way to avoid wood and strong warm colors in favor of a more neutral hue. Just beware of cooler tones.
  • Add texture and depth.
    Enlist the help of a design professional in adding warmth via texture and depth, without creating business that can detract from your modern design.

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