A Natural Stone Fireplace in a Bath

Natural Stone: Natural Stone Slabs

It’s not uncommon to find fireplaces in living rooms, dens, and the occasional bedroom. However, adding a fireplace to a bathroom goes beyond the simple enjoyment of a relaxing soak fireside. Learn how to add a ‘wow’ factor to your home, boosting its appeal and value with a natural stone fireplace addition with the help of this guide to bathroom fireplace selection and design.


How to Choose a Fireplace for Your Bath

You don’t need a massive brick hearth and mantel to accomplish a successful bathroom fireplace installation. Today’s prefabricated fireplace designs make it surprisingly easy to add a fireplace to your bath without the need for a major remodel. From classic options to sleek, modern designs, fireplaces of all shapes and sizes exist to conform to your existing bathroom shape and design budget. Popular options include:

  • Gas fireplaces
    There are many new gas models designed for spaces small and large which are vent-free, as well as options requiring only minimal venting through an outside wall, no chimney or stovepipe necessary. With none of the labor of wood-fired options, operation is as simple as the push of a button.
  • Electric fireplaces
    Electric fireplace models offer vent-free, plug-and-go operation. Some models provide the look and feel of large traditional fireplaces, while modern wall-mount fireplaces mimic the look of gas models, installing much like a picture frame and operating via smartphone or remote control.

Design note: Always verify your desired fireplace model is compatible for use in high-moisture areas, such as your bath.


Enhancing the Ambiance in Your Bath

To ensure the continued enjoyment of your fireplace, carefully consider placement. Locating your fireplace close to the floor can provide some much-needed warmth post-soak. However, eye-level placement offers a better view and added warmth during your soak. Once you've determined placement, its time to select the ideal natural stone to enhance your fireplace addition and the theme of your bath with these fire-friendly surrounds.  


  • Granite
    Granite slabs are an ideal choice for wood, gas, and electric fireplace surrounds, especially when paired with complementary granite countertops. Granite resists both heat and wear from water, and won't be stained by fire residue.
  • Marble
    Marble slabs are the epitome of elegance in bath design, pairing beautifully with any design style. Marble makes a statement fireplace surround, and will not accumulate dirt and grime.
  • Soapstone
    Soapstone slabs are virtually heat-proof, naturally absorbing and radiating heat. Its dark tones and silky composition make for a dramatic fireplace surround.


Add a touch of luxury to your bath. Warm up your bathroom design with the addition of a stunning fireplace and natural stone surround from Granite Imports today.

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