A Match Made in Heaven: Custom Natural Stone Slab Dining Tables

custom made natural stone table

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Revamping your kitchen? Upgrading your dining table alongside cabinetry and countertops makes for a spectacular finishing touch. Just a tiny fraction of homes feature natural stone slab dining tables, making stone-topped dining additions a beautiful, functional conversation piece.

Natural Stone Slabs Make Remarkable Custom Dining Room Table Designs

Durable, affordable, and aesthetically amazing, natural stone surfaces such as granite, sandstone, and soapstone that reign supreme in countertop design likewise exude elegance in custom dining pieces. Easy to maintain and built by Mother Nature to last a lifetime, as families mature and morph, they quickly turn into treasured heirlooms passed on from generation to generation.

Which Natural Stones Make the Best Custom Dining Tables?

Granite Dining Room Table
Beautiful and durable, granite slabs offer an array of colors and patterns for creating a stunning dining centerpiece.

granite slab dining table

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Soapstone Dining Room Table
The slick, soft feel a soapstone is heat, stain, and acid-resistant, making it a popular alternative to granite.

soapstone slab table

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Marble Dining Room Table
The classic look of marble adds a touch of luxury to any dining design, from traditional to contemporary.

marble slab dining table

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Sandstone Dining Room Table
Earthy and organic, the elegant sheen of resilient sandstone slabs often mimic the looks of wood.
sandstone slab dining table

Backlit Onyx Dining Room Table
Raise the bar with a stunning backlit onyx dining table centerpiece.

onxy slab table

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Granite Patio Dining Table
With the right natural stone surface, you can get lasting looks outdoors as well. Granite is a top choice among these for its beautiful resilience. Others outdoor friendly stones includes marble, soapstone, quartzite, and limestone. Learn more.

granite slab patio table

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Choosing the Right Shape for Your Situation

Custom stone design opportunities are nearly limitless. Which is right for your home?

  • Round: Ideal for small/tight spaces and short of sharp corners, round tables can pack-in more people than their circumference shows. A pedestal base to ensure proper legroom.
  • Rectangle: Perfect for long, narrow rooms, allowing space for traffic flow.
  • Square: Square tables look great in square rooms and provide a comfortable yet intimate dining experience, spacing diners equidistance apart.
  • Custom & Crazy: From polygons to unique curved designs, the sky’s the limit when you’re creating a custom dining table. You can go as crazy as you (and your fabricator) can handle.

Separate yourself from a sea of similar with custom natural stone furnishings. Shop the wide selection of natural stone varieties, colors, patterns, and thicknesses at your area Granite Imports showroom today.