8 Ways to Warm Your Bathroom in the Winter

Natural Stone: Design Ideas

The chill of winter weather can be shocking – especially in the bathroom. If you’re one of many who dread stepping onto a chilly bathroom floor after a hot, relaxing winter shower or soak, we’ve got a few suggestions to help keep you warm.


8 Ways to Stay Warm in the Bathroom All Winter


  1. Add a rug.
    The simple addition of a rug underfoot provides a barrier between your toes and a cold bathroom floor, making your bath more inviting.
  2. Let the sunshine in.
    The sun’s radiant heat can warm you and the room slightly. If you have privacy concerns, applying a decorative, translucent film to the bottom of the window serves as a simple solution.
  3. Invest in radiant floor heating.
    Radiant heating is a luxury you can extend to your bathroom, or your entire home, depending on your budget. These systems use electric heating coils or water-heated tubing. When added beneath your floors, these systems emit a rising warmth that heats every surface in the room. Because it requires a substantial investment, however, radiant floor heating may not be for everyone.
  4. Install a bathroom-safe heater.
    If your budget doesn’t allow for radiant heat flooring, consider the addition of a bathroom-safe heater that can be easily turned on before bathing. Here, safety is a must, due to the presence of water. Selection and installation, with the help of a pro, is strongly advised
  5. Indulge in the luxury of heated towel bars.
    Heated towel bars add the feel of spa-like extravagance, providing a warm, toasty towel to wrap up in after you step out of a hot, relaxing shower.
  6. Warm-up to bathroom heat lamps.
    Infrared heat lamps bulbs generate more heat than light. Relatively efficient, they are an affordable and effective way to lend a little extra warmth to the bath. Install them on a separate switch from task lighting for use separately.


  1. Outfit your bath with natural stone surfaces.
    Natural stone surfaces such as limestone and soapstone slabs retain heat. Using stone slabs for flooring, wall and tub surrounds, countertops, and flooring can help maintain the temperature in your bath and shower areas. Because of this characteristic, purchasing a centerpiece tub of natural stone can also ensure a long, hot bath.
  2. Surround yourself with warm tones.
    You may find it surprising, but decorating with warm tones can actually affect your perception of the temperature in a room. Choosing warm natural stone countertop and paint shades in tones of red, orange, gold, and warm browns add a cozy feel to bathroom spaces.

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