8 Ways to Go Glam in the Kitchen

Glamorous décor is all about adding drama – creating an elegant feel that instantly makes you think ‘expensive.’ Yet achieving that luxe look doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re going for urban glamour, Old Hollywood, or a more modern, unique glam style, here are 8 easy ways to add a more glamorous feel to your kitchen space without a blockbuster budget…


Add a Glint of Glamour to Your Kitchen

Choose a few of your favorite Tinseltown elements to bring drama and appeal to your kitchen design:

  1. Metallics
    Mixed metallics are an extremely popular choice throughout today’s homes and kitchens, adding instant glitz when incorporated into your range hood, lighting, fixtures, candle holders, and other décor selections. Choose attention-grabbing shapes in the warm, sparkly hues of copper, brass, and gold to heighten impact.
  2. Mirrors
    Child-free home? Add sparkle with mirrors, incorporating them into your backsplash, on the face of a kitchen island, or artfully along a single wall.
  3. Chandeliers
    Nothing says ‘glam’ like a chandelier. And there’s no rule that says these ornate fixtures need to be restricted to entryways and parlors. Boost the bling in your kitchen with the addition of chandelier options with shimmery metals, sparkling crystals, or enhanced with other unique décor.
  4. Range hood
    Rather than a cheap range hood, which can lead you into tacky territory fast, splurging on a standout range hood offers an easy way to add a dramatic centerpiece to your kitchen design.
  5. Countertops
    Nothing adds drama to your kitchen like a stunning countertop. No matter your unique style, you’re certain to find a match among such rich choices as deeply veined, elegant marble, the striking patterns of natural quartzite, or the boldly patterned, varied hues of natural granite countertops.
  6. Color
    Swaths of bold color can make a cinematic statement. If you love a particular hue, drive your own trend with a daring color choice in the kitchen, adding a touch of glamour via paint, an opulent backsplash, or show-stopping countertop from striking red quartz to bold Bahia Blue granite.
  7. Décor
    There are an array of décor choices to glam-up your kitchen space: Going big with textures and patterns helps highlight star kitchen features, from backsplashes to countertops and furnishings. Reflective, shiny surface liven up in the smallest, darkest space. Or for those preferring a softer look, curved and rounded elements such as oval or round accent tables, seating, rugs, mirrors and other accessories at an elegant touch.
  8. Period Features
    Old world elements and retro features add instant charm and flair. What conversation piece best fits your style? Art Deco pendants, retro-style fridge or wood-burning stove?


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