bathroom renovation

8 Tips for Safeguarding the Success of Your Bath Reno

bathroom renovationFrom epic master suites to simple powder room additions, function is integral to a bath design that stands the test of time. How can you ensure a bath that’s both beautiful and helps you get the job done?

8 Tips for a Successful Bath Renovation:

  1. Stop Overthinking the Shower/Tub Debacle
    If you’re renovating for an immediate sale and have more than one bath, ensuring at least 1 tub and 1 shower will offer new parents the tub space they need to accommodate small children, and older folks easier access to shower stalls. Otherwise, renovate your bathroom space for what you will prefer, considering how many baths you take annually. Without a crystal ball, you’ve no way to guarantee what will appeal to a future buyer.
  2. Protect Your Plumbing
    Prone to gunk buildup and hair clogs, protect the longevity of your plumbing by upgrading sink and shower/bath drains to a 2-inch pipe (unless framing space won’t allow for it). The cost difference is minute. DIY-reno? Be careful to avoid adding supply lines to exterior walls to prevent a budget-busting incident post-renovation when temperatures drop.
  3. Go Luxe with Lighting
    In addition to sconces, consider the addition of recessed fixtures throughout your bath to brighten the room and aid with morning grooming tasks, adding a dimmer switch to adjust for a more relaxing bath/shower.
  4. Create a Sleek Profile
    Adding space and increasing the sense of openness with a recessed medicine cabinet, and a wall-hung toilet, which have decreased in price considerably in recent years. NOTE: These toilets drain differently. If you change your mind later, you’ll need to rework supply lines for a floor-mounted unit.
  5. Let the Sun Shine In
    Adding a window in the shower. Incorporate a frosted panel for privacy, with natural stone or engineered quartz jams that are watertight and slope down and away for effective drainage and mold/mildew prevention. Choose models that open, such as tilt-and-turn varieties, enjoying privacy, fresh air, and increased ventilation.
  6. Save Yourself from Slips
    On bath and shower floors with textured tile or slabs. If you must go glossy, decrease slipperiness with smaller tiles, whose tighter grout pattern improves traction.
  7. Go for Drawers over Doors
    When choosing a vanity, opt for those with drawer storage over doors. They can be cut-out to accommodate plumbing and are easier to access and organize. Look for options with extra-large drawers to accommodate larger items.
  8. Top Things Off with a Stunning Stone
    Top off your vanity with a stunning stone, such as classic marble or easy-care engineered quartz available in an array of finishes similar to those of popular natural stone varieties. The smaller footprint of baths makes this an affordable splurge that can serve as the cherry on top of your bathroom remodel, providing unparalleled looks and lasting function.

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