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8 Questions You Need to Ask BEFORE You Redesign Your Kitchen

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There are many elements to achieving a stylish yet functional kitchen design. One wrong turn, and you could make an expensive and difficult to remedy mistake. Before plodding forward on your path to kitchen perfection, it pays to consider where you’re willing to compromise on your kitchen redesign.

Consider these Questions Before Planning Your Kitchen Redesign:

  1. What’s the point?
    Whether you’re looking for a more functional space, a stunning home centerpiece, or something in-between, it pays to know where you’re going before setting off on your grand kitchen adventure. Consider how you’ll use the space carefully: Do you want to cook in it often? Will your family eat in there? Answering these big questions will help you iron out even the smallest details – so long as you refer to your ‘mission statement’ as you make decisions for your new kitchen space.

  2. What’s part of my ‘dream’ design?
    After you’ve defined the point of your redesign, it’s time to identify your dream kitchen additions: Those things you feel you just can’t live without, whether it’s an upscale range, statement-making natural stone countertops, massive under-mount sink, or new, waterfall edge kitchen island.

  3. Where am I willing to compromise?
    You know you can dream – but what can you do, financially and spatially? Your chosen items must fit your landscape and your budget. Now is the time for deep contemplation over what you can achieve, and what you’re willing (or forced) to let go, from budget-busting appliances to spacious islands that will land-lock your slim galley kitchen.

  4. How can I make the most of my layout?
    Changing the layout of your kitchen is best done with professional aid. Discovering where electrical, gas, and plumbing are early can help you avoid budget black holes during the installation process. A professional kitchen designer can help you ensure the space you need for cooking, washing, prepping, storage and more, considering proximity to utilities and how changes will impact your budget and safety.

  5. Where do I want my lighting?
    Lighting additions should never be an afterthought. Carefully consider workspaces to ensure not only adequate task lighting, but the ambient lighting necessary for an airy, welcoming kitchen feel. Consider overhead, pendant, under-cabinet/under-shelf, toe-kick, soffit, and even trim lighting.

  6. Do I need permits?
    Though banal, overlooking permit needs can cost you big in code violations and necessary safety fixes later. Even seemingly small scale changes, like vent hoods, can require paperwork from your local planning office.

  7. What’s my style?
    Pull together your mass of inspirational screenshots, translating them (with the help of your mission statement) to into your ideal kitchen design. Any style can be pulled-off within a broad range of budgets. Take these and get a few quotes and samples from area designers.

  8. Which features should I choose?
    After you’ve decided on a designer, narrow down your selection of natural stone countertops, sink, tile, cabinetry, appliances, lighting and trim to the solutions that best favor your design plan, style and budget. Don’t make any adjustment without first checking with your designer to ensure fit.

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