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7 Tips to Add a Natural Feel to Your Kitchen

Does your dream kitchen look like a greenhouse, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and luscious foliage and greenery? Don’t let reality douse your creative fire. From small, budget-friendly additions to complete kitchen renovation, there are many ways to incorporate a ‘garden vibe’ into your kitchen…

7 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Kitchen

  1. Add Foliage Flair with Large Houseplants
    Nothing beats the flair real foliage imparts on your kitchen space. Large-leaved tropical palms, philodendrons, dracaena, crotons, figs, and more are a great way to fill awkward spaces and incorporate greenery and color, bringing your kitchen to life year-round.

  2. Decorate with Garden-Inspired Dishware
    Can’t keep plants alive? Add greenery via nature-themed table settings, displaying plates and pitchers prominently tabletop or behind glass cupboard doors for a carefree, garden-inspired look.

  3. Keep Fresh Flowers Afoot
    From countertop cut flower displays to forced bulbs in pots, fresh flowers are an easy way to incorporate year-round color into the kitchen, bringing life to even the chilliest winter days.

  4. Incorporate Grasscloth Shades & Wall Coverings
    This beautiful, natural material offers a warm, organic feel similar to tree foliage.

  5. Add the Organic Beauty of Natural Stone Countertops
    From the soft swirls of sucuri brown granite to the stunning veining of quartzite  and marble, or the buttery feel of limestone,
    create a naturalistic look with Mother Nature’s divinely inspired countertop designs.

  6. ‘Sink’ into Soapstone
    Ask a professional fabricator about adding a sleek soapstone sink to your kitchen – with or without matching countertops. The beautiful patina of this natural stone provides an element of age, similar to the worn surfaces and clay pots you’d find in a potting shed.

  7. Let the Sunshine in with a Skylight
    Brighten your kitchen and your mood, incorporating a skylight into your kitchen space to infuse your kitchen with the warmth of the sun all year long.


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