bathroom remodeling

3 Things You Need to Know Before Beginning a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

A little knowledge can really help homeowners over the long haul of the renovation process. Unfortunately, most don’t realize how little they know until they’re ankle deep in demolition debris. Just what are you overlooking when it comes to your upcoming bathroom remodel?

If You Don’t Have a Spare (Bath), You May Be in Trouble

Quality renovation takes time. Beware the shortcut home renovator. His work will last equally long. A bathroom renovation that lasts will take about 4 weeks – barring that backordered flooring you just had to have, permitting, inspection and weather delays, to name a few. If you don’t have an extra bathroom, it’s time to get creative: Press your neighbor’s hospitality, join a nearby gym to take showers, consider a portable potty or camping/composting toilet, or when all else fails, consider a short-term rental or long-stay suite. You’re building a bathroom meant to last 20-30 years, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Besides, that month of hassles will be long-forgotten when you’re soaking in your gorgeous new space.

Minimalism Costs Much

Homeowners often mistakenly assume the clean, sleek lines of minimalist designs mean less spent (such as expenditures on handles and trim). Unfortunately, simple does not always equate to cheap. Detail must be exact to achieve this seamless look. Intense planning and an attention to design are essential, and investment in huge, expensive tiles or natural stone slabs whose installation requires the expertise of a stonemason or fabricator a necessity. Hand-cut joinery or expensive opening mechanisms are likewise integral to proper function in minimalist designs, which are devoid of handles.


Tight Budgets Benefit from Big Features

To achieve a luxury design on a sub-compact budget, choose more economical standard features for your bathroom build – topping off with a single, oversized ‘wow’ feature, which will serve to overshadow other more practical choices. Stunning natural stone countertops are an ideal option here. As one of the smallest surfaces in your bathroom, you can create a stunning focal point with minimal investment compared to other surfaces and features in the bath. In the market for a bit more glam? A chandelier may be just the ticket.

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