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New Offerings in Polarstone Engineered Quartz: Advancements in Design Deliver New Looks for Your Home

Homeowners and designers love engineered quartz. Delivering the looks of an array of natural stone surfaces in a package that is lasting and easily maintained, it has a strong foothold in the marketplace. As manufacturers take note of changing design trends and advancements in quartz technology rise to meet the needs of consumers, a vast new selection of product offerings is stocking the shelves of premium stone distributors across the U.S.

On-Trend, Cutting-Edge Engineered Quartz Design for Your Kitchen

Popular trends in kitchen design influencing quartz countertops include:

Nature-Inspired Looks
The ongoing trend toward nature-inspired looks continues, with a desire for rougher, textured surfaces such as soapstone and limestone.

polarstone castillo gray

Polarstone Castillo Gray 5310

Statement Pieces with Dramatic Flair
Pricey marble pieces such as Calcutta Gold and Black Marquina, reminiscent of the elegant tabletop surfaces of fine, stately homes, are more readily available and budget-friendly in engineered quartz variations.

Polarstone Empire 7401

Polarstone Empire 7401

Whites & Grays
Whites and grays such continue to dominate the market, with veined marble doppelgangers continuing their favored regard as homeowners seek their regal looks – sans the limited installation applications and higher maintenance of their natural counterpart. Calacatta Vagli imitators, in particular, are popular for their authentic looks and extended applications, including those never before recommended for soft marble, such as kitchen countertops.

polarstone montclair imperial

Polarstone Montclair Imperial

Industrial Appeal
The industrial look likewise continues in popularity, moving with the shift toward individuality in kitchen design. Concrete, in particular, seems to be gaining steam, leading many to turn to concrete-look quartz for options that are more stain resistant and easier upkeep.

polarstone organic concrete

Polarstone Organic Concrete

Bold, Contemporary Colors
Homeowners, particularly of the younger ilk, are seeking a bit more character in their countertops. Heavy veining and bold colors are particularly popular.

polarstone mondria salonne

Polarstone Mondria Salonne

Easy-Care Matte Surfaces
The demand for matte textured surfaces, such as Polarstone Touch Finish, continue to grow in popularity, as this looks reflect less light, camouflaging dirt better while remaining smooth and easy to clean thanks to the nonporous nature of engineered quartz slabs.

Polarstone Maison

Polarstone Maison

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Changing Kitchen Design Trends: 7 Ways to Renew Your Kitchen

With the constant evolution of kitchen design trends, it’s no wonder homeowners favor this room for renovation. An updated kitchen makes a home feel fresh and new in a way updating other rooms simply cannot, whether it’s a splash of color on walls or cabinets, drawer pulls and faucet fixtures in interesting new metal finishes, a wall of open shelving, or new natural stone countertops.

Is Your Kitchen In Need Of The Lastest Design Trends?

These kitchen trends are going strong for the 2018-19 season and are a great way to update looks in the heart of your home.

  • Colorful Painted Cabinets
    Painted cabinets have popped on the radar as a growing trend. Grey and white neutrals are common, as well as the occasional black. But for those looking for more personality, blue and green are the non-neutral tones of choice, with emerald and jewel-tones expected to follow. Incorporate colors into base cabinets or an island, or pair your color choice with contrasting colors for a bold design statement. Should you do-it-yourself? Design experts recommend professional painting to avoid ruining cabinet surfaces and managing a wall paint change or backsplash on your own instead. However if your cabinets are older, attempting this project yourself could update them and help them hang on a few more years.
  • Open Shelving
    Open shelving is newly coveted for its ability to give kitchens a taller, airy feel when properly bedecked. Pair with sufficient closed or hidden cabinetry to prevent a cluttered look resulting from masses of countertop appliances, excess dishware, and accoutrements.
  • Natural Stone Countertops
    natural stone kitchen countertopsDesigners see trends in stone countertops sway back and forth. Today, the most popular options homeowners are likely to splurge on vary by area, and include granite with dramatic organic patterns and veining, and engineered quartz designed to look like marble. Because manmade engineered quartz is available in larger slabs, it’s easier to achieve a seamless countertop design. The ever-expanding color palette of engineered quartz, including options that mimic popular natural stone surfaces, alongside the stone’s stain resistance and durability, are sure to see engineered quartz continue its ascent on popularity charts.
  • Abundant Lighting
    Good lighting nears the top of the list for common homeowner redesign requests. This can be accomplished via added window(s), opening the space via wall removal, or copious statement lighting additions such as pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers, and even smart lighting.
  • White-Out
    The all-white trend doesn’t seem to be dying down, and is a common choice in kitchen makeovers, much to the dismay of some designers. However, its ability to work well with any kitchen style and match easily with surroundings are keeping customers cozy with classic, crisp white.
  • Grayed-Out
    Gray is the new neutral, replacing beige on kitchen cabinets, counters, and walls. Second only to white, it’s a decorator’s friend whether used kitchen-wide or as a low-key accent via backsplash or kitchen island centerpiece.
  • Mixed Metals
    Once taboo, the plethora of metal finished that continue to pop up in the marketplace have homeowners living on the wild side, trying new materials, or mixing two-or-three of their favorite new finishes including relative newcomers oil-rubbed bronze, champagne brass, and charcoal stainless steel.

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Stunning Natural Stone Slab Custom Desks, Coffee, & End Tables: A Chip Off the Old Block

Topping off your newly renovated kitchen in stunning natural stone slab countertops? Before you haul off ‘waste remnants’ – read this! You could easily repurpose those leftover stone pieces for use as natural stone coffee and end tables, and repurpose larger stone remnants for desks.

Natural Stone Slabs  ‘On the Side’

Few homes house natural stone furnishings. Set your home apart with coffee and side tables for family members and guests that set the stage for an amazing evening.

Match Made in Heaven

travertine slab coffee table

Photo Credit:








A matching coffee and end table set, such as these travertine beauties, are the perfect way to tie together any living space.

Rustic and Reclaimed.
The textured surface of this granite slab console table gives off a unique old world feel.

granite slab console

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Classic and Contemporary.
A longstanding favorite, marble slabs work well with both classic and modern décor in any room of the home.

marble slab coffee table

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Simply Striking.
Naturally luminescent onyx slabs make the perfect coffee table centerpiece. The addition of backlighting ramps up the effect.

Fabulous and Flexible.
Provided the right natural stone surface, end tables can make for a luxurious and lasting outdoor tabletop surface.

natrual stone slab end tables

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Natural Beauty
Indoors or out, custom-made sandstone slab tables and benches last a lifetime.

A World Apart from Traditional Office Furnishings

Whether a home or commercial office, study, or library, the luxurious looks of natural stone give a stunning first impression, boasting confidence with a mien that set furnishings apart from traditional wooden fare.

Earthy & Elegant
A touch of granite desks, coffee, and side tables adds sophistication.

Cool & Contemporary
This beige granite slab makes for stunning contemporary conference room table.

Dramatic and Distinctive.
Naturally luminescent onyx makes for a show-stopping desk when backlit.

honey onxy slab commercial counter

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Sleek and Simple.
Natural stone desk additions can be easily incorporated alongside any kitchen.

natural stone slab desk

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The luxurious looks of marble never go out of style, whether used in a more modern or classic design.

marble slab dining table

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Break off from the norm. Repurpose your natural stone countertop remnants, or create a stunning new design from a precisely chosen, new stone slab. Shop the amazing array of premium natural stone at your area Granite Imports showroom today.