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Backlighting Onyx: Avoid Design Flaws with Key Insight



The unique properties of onyx imbue it with unique potential: The mesmerizing patterns of this already stunning stone can be backlit, achieving unparalleled design effects – provided proper fabrication. Go DIY or try to cut corners with a more budget-friendly, unversed fabricator, however, and it could turn your investment into this rare and stunning stone into a stunningly expensive mistake.

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granite countertops

Dress Up Your Island

kitchen islands

Though the front and sides of kitchen islands are often adorned with a favorite countertop material, functional cabinetry, and interesting handles and trim, the back side of islands are often overlooked. Typically sheathed with a bland cover panel, this area of your island is ripe with potential to become a functioning focal point of your kitchen, particularly in open floor plan home designs.

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Kitchen Design Tips: 5 Ideas for Solving Common Design Dilemmas

kitchen design

Struggling through kitchen remodel plans? You’re not alone. From minor updates to massive renovations, homeowners face many of the same obstacles when updating their kitchen space. Luckily, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need for solving common kitchen design dilemmas…

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bathroom remodeling

3 Things You Need to Know Before Beginning a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

A little knowledge can really help homeowners over the long haul of the renovation process. Unfortunately, most don’t realize how little they know until they’re ankle deep in demolition debris. Just what are you overlooking when it comes to your upcoming bathroom remodel?

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