Monthly Archives: December 2016

Premium Quartz Countertops: Discover What’s Possible

Rivaling granite and marble in popularity, quartz countertops are taking the nation by storm, with top kitchen designers in-print, on-screen, and online increasing the trend. With its nearly limitless design possibilities, renowned durability, and worry-free care, you just may have met your countertop nirvana. Continue reading

White Quartz Countertops in the Healthcare Environment: Are They as Clean as They Look?

How clean would those white quartz countertops at your local doctor’s office or hospital be if you took a closer look under the microscope? Infection control issues are a top concern in the healthcare industry, and it turns out countertop choice plays a huge role. Hospital acquired (nosocomial) infections cost the industry billions annually, with lives lost daily due to the spread of infection. However the use of solid surface countertop surfaces, such as quartz, can eliminate a major site of cross contamination when cleaned and maintained according to CDC guidelines. Continue reading

Natural versus Solid Surface Countertops: Which is Best?

The kitchen countertop world has changed a lot since the days of faded laminate, with both natural and manmade solid surface countertops taking over the market. In this new world of such varied selection, picking a suitable lifetime companion can be tricky. How can you uncover the countertop solution that is right for your home or business? Continue reading

Quartz & Quartzite Countertops – What’s the Difference?

Though quartz and quartzite countertops may pop-up side-by-side in your search results due to their rising popularity, they are two separate and equally distinctive materials despite their similarities in name and appearance. Each appealing in its own way, uncovering these differences can help you discover if either of these materials offer the ideal kitchen countertop solution for you. Continue reading