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Looky Loo’s: Granite Counters, Slabs & Tiles Step-Up Bath Design

It’s your private sanctuary. Your retreat. Your fortress of solitude. When you update or add a new bath to your home, build it like the bastion you need with the help of granite counters, slabs, and tiles in Denver.

Why granite for counters?
Granite counters, slabs and tile are an ideal fit for bathroom design due to granite’s…

  • Durability
    Granite slabs will outlast your home without falling prey to bathroom elements that can cause damage to so many other surfaces, from moisture to makeup and hot curling irons.

  • Moisture compatibility
    Granite slabs and granite tile will not crumble or crack from humidity or moisture damage, making it an ideal surface for bathroom floors, walls, shower and bath surrounds, and counters.

  • Variety
    From subtle to extreme colors, simple solids to dramatically moving patterns, granite offers an extraordinary array of variations. Available in slabs, tiles, and even composite sinks, it can be adapted to nearly any surface. Black, metallic, brown, white, blue, green, rose and even red. No matter what you’re searching for, there’s a stone for you.

  • Ambiance
    The soothing, smooth feel of granite is perfect for bathroom surfaces, its natural essence and feel offering the perfect setting for this private respite.

  • Low maintenance
    With proper sealing, granite is easy to clean, requiring minimal upkeep.

  • Value
    It’s no surprise. For all these reasons and more, homebuyers want granite. Its desirability will secure your return on investment – and increase salability.

Some examples of how granite can define your bath:

Contemporary granite counters.

Granite Counters

Gorgeous granite sinks.

Granite Sinks

Beautiful backsplashes.

Granite Counters

Sleek and stylish granite slab shower enclosures.

Granite Counters

Granite shower benches.

granite shower benches

Granite thresholds.

Granite thresholds

Striking floors.

Granite Striking floors

Dressing tables.

Granite Dressing tables

Stunning design/décor.

granite counters

Dramatic bathroom updates.

new granite counters

The ways to create a sanctuary using granite counters are only limited by budget. But whether it’s simple or extreme, Granite Imports has the highest quality granite counters, slabs, and tile on the market to make it highly personal to your tastes and means. Visit your Denver, Fort Collins, or Grand Junction area Granite Imports showroom today.

Granite Slabs Offer a Multitude of Uses for Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are a rapidly-growing trend, topping the must-have list for new and existing homeowners alike. Extending living space to offer multi-season respite, function, and privacy, outdoor living spaces are a boon for those aching to take advantage of as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Among the most sought-after features for these spaces are granite slabs, whose impressive features not only offer high-end looks, but the strength, durability, stain and scratch resistance, and weather resilience necessary to withstand Mother Nature. Granite Slabs

How many ways can you use granite slabs in your outdoor living space?

  • Food prep
    Located next to your grill or as a standalone island, granite countertops make the perfect food prep area. Pair granite countertops in Denver with a granite composite sink for a durable dynamic duo that’s sure to last, and clean up fast.

  • Buffet and serving
    Granite slabs set up as a buffet or serving area make the perfect location for staging prepared foods, drinks, and dinnerware for entertaining.

  • Dining
    A granite slab on a built-in stone base offers the perfect dining area for any outdoor event, from round patio tables to farmhouse and picnic style designs.

  • Seating
    Granite slabs offer durable outdoor seating, whether topped with plush cushions for comfort, or left bare for waterproof, post-pool or spa play.

  • Bars
    Granite countertops make for impressive and highly-functional bars.

  • Spa and poolside features and décor
    One of the hardest natural stones, eco-friendly granite tiles and slabs are often sought-after by pool designers for their ability to hold a shine, repel water, and provide looks that last, granite’s visually compelling natural patterns offering both function and ambiance. (PHOTO

A kaleidoscope of color
The natural beauty of granite slabs offer a wide array of colors, perfect for matching the décor in any outdoor living space from flowers to furniture. For looks that last, opt for mid-range colors to avoid heat buildup and patterns with less veining to avoid reactions to epoxies and fillers in heavily veined patterns which may react to UV rays.

Ease of use
Easier to maintain than its countertop competitors, cleaning granite countertops in Denver is a breeze. Simply hose-off or wipe with water and a mild detergent prior to use. Covering them with a pergola, awning, or umbrella further reduces these simple cleaning needs, as well as reduces heat buildup.

Ready to find a fabulously functional accent for your outdoor living space? Shop premium granite slabs at your area Denver, Fort Collins, or Grand Junction area Granite Imports showroom today.

Creating Your Kosher Kitchen with Quartz Counters in Denver

Quartz CountersDesigning a Kosher kitchen can be a daunting undertaking, even for professionals. Fortunately, with a little basic knowledge of Jewish dietary laws, you can be well on your way to designing the perfect Kosher kitchen space, from learning about the latest in Kosher appliance innovations to selecting the perfect Kosher-friendly quartz counters in Denver to define your space.

Making a kitchen Kosher
A Kosher kitchen is not driven by dietary restrictions, but by Jewish life as a whole. How does it affect kitchen planning? Kosher tenets require the separation of meat and dairy products. This requires separate cleanup and storage areas for these food groups, as well as the items used to serve and prepare them, from cookware and dishes to utensils, cleaning, and work areas.

The Kashering process
Hard surface counters such as granite, marble, and wood are typically subject to a complex “Kashering” process. Quartz counters in Denver, however, are not subject to this process, nor are they subject to any additional sealing and maintenance, making them an ideal solution for seniors, families with active children, or those yearning to simplify Kosher kitchen care. Quartz countertop surfaces are also non-porous, reducing the potential for bacterial growth and contamination, perfect for the preparation of Kosher foods. These winning qualities have earned quartz counters certification by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for use in commercial, hospital, and healthcare environments as well.

Your Kosher kitchen checklist:
The following items should be included in your kitchen design plans and their function well thought out – BEFORE jumping into construction and renovation:

  • Separate refrigerators.

  • Separate dishwashers.

  • Separate pot and dish storage, including at least one for dairy.

  • Separate cutlery and utensil drawers (or an extra for dairy).

  • Two separate kitchen sinks, possibly a third for fish and vegetarian food, or a double bowl for those looking to conserve space and/or funds.

  • The correct oven configuration:

    • Double oven

    • Two singles, or

    • A stove with separate oven

  • Enough ventilation for two stoves.

  • Hard surface quarts counters with separate preparation areas for milk and meat.

Avoiding Kosher conundrums
Designing a Kosher kitchen requires more planning, and can be overwhelming – for both residents and design professionals alike. Most Kosher kitchens house a sink, stove, and fridge arranged in a specific pattern for functionality in prep, cooking, cleaning, and storage, typically with two overlapping work triangles for meat and dairy. This doubling of essential items and storage space requires strategic planning to make the most of precious space. It is therefore essential to point out the importance of a Kosher kitchen to professionals early in the design process to ensure wining results. A little forethought can prevent your kitchen from looking like an appliance superstore, bringing balance and enhanced functionality to its design through “little” considerations, such as a space saving double dishwasher or extending cabinetry to the ceiling to maximize storage.

Discover your perfect Kosher kitchen countertop solution. Shop the latest in stunning quartz counters at the Denver-area leader in premium stone. Visit your area Granite Imports showroom today.