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Granite Countertops: The Name Game: How Are Granite Slabs Named?

Granite CountertopsFor anyone who has ever wondered where names like “Cinderella Blue Caressed,” “Golden Thunder” and “Sedna” were dreamed up, you’re not alone. Confounding customers and tripping up fabricators, naming the slabs that ultimately end up as granite countertops is far from a scientific, or even straight-forward process. Continue reading

Quartz Slabs Make Big Appearance At Granite Imports

Quartz SlabsDenver, CO – April 2016 – To meet the demand of the quartz countertop boom that has sent builders, designers, and homeowners in search of quartz slabs in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska, Granite Imports is now offering the latest in premium quality engineered quartz slabs in its Denver, Grand Junction, and Fort Collins warehouses to fabricators in multiple western states. Continue reading

What Creates the Color of a Granite Countertop in Denver?

Lasting good looks and an array of available colors and patterns make the granite countertop popular for a variety of projects. What creates the dazzling colors and effects in a piece of granite countertop in Denver? An array of rock forming minerals which have slowly crystallized and interlocked as molten rock from below the earth’s crust cools and surfaces. Continue reading