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Avoid the Very Rare Cracksin Your Denver Granite Countertop

No one can deny, agranite countertopin Denver, Fort Collins or Grand Junction is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, nothing can detract from its beauty like an unwanted crack. Strong and durable, cracks in a granite countertops are rare. Do you – or your customers – know how to prevent a crack from ever occurring in your granite kitchen countertop?

Types of Granite Countertop Cracks

  1. The “Act of Lunacy” Crack
    Act of Lunacy Crack
    Like the warning label on a hairdryer: “Do NOT use in the shower,” courtesy of some previously inept user, people also do stupid things with granite counters. Like tempting fate by dropping insanely heavy objects on counters, leaning against them before they set, jumping up and down on them like the Hulk, or otherwise concocting schemes to test the strength of granite. Give your counters and your body a break. It’s strong, but so are you. Don’t test it. Continue reading

Granite Countertops: Secrets of the Invisible Seam

DIY homeowner or pro, nothing beats the look of a seamlessly installed granite countertop. While sans seam is great, an invisible seam is a close second. So what are the tricks of the trade?

Seamlessly installing granite countertops requires attention to detail.
There’s nothing worse than installing brand new granite countertops and being drawn to staring at the seam. For tight, strong, virtually invisible seams, careful planning are key to avoid… Continue reading

The Latest Sinks for Granite Countertops in Denver

When designing a new kitchen, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of shiny granite and consider the importance that a new sink plays in the overall design until it’s needed. Part of the dynamic kitchen work triangle trio, a new kitchen sink is an essential component of your new design, providing long lasting functionality to complement its granite countertop counterpart.

Undermount Sinks: Granite Meets its Match…

Undermount sinks pair well with granite countertops, allowing the natural beauty of stone to shine uninterrupted by the edges of a sink. Installed below the counter and held in place with a strong adhesive, the strength of granite easily supports the weight of an undermount sink. Lacking edges, an undermount’s smooth surrounding surface is also easier to clean with a simple sweep and rinse. Continue reading

Granite Countertops in Colorado: Picking the Perfect Color

Durable and beautiful, granite countertops in Denver, Fort Collins, or Grand Junction offer warmth and vitality for any room of your home or business. Comprised of mineral-laden molten rock, the aesthetics of granite are expressed through hundreds of patterns and color variations, allowing for the effortless completion of any design scheme.

Top-off Décor with a Perfectly Paired Granite Color:

Granite Countertops

  • Black
    Classy and elegant, black granite countertops come in an array of variations from solid to intricately patterned. Employ its use to play up contrast, go solid for a minimalist look, or make a statement with more boldly patterned variations. Continue reading