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Which Counter Top Edge Is Right For Your Family?

Counter Top EdgeIf you are looking for your dream granite counter top in Fort Collins, Denver, or Grand Junction, you first need the perfect slabs, so visit us at Granite Imports to ensure the widest possible selection of granite slabs for your project.

Throughout the process of executing your vision for your kitchen, bath, bar, or other granite counter top, you’ll be closely working with your fabricator so that the finished project comes out as you dreamt of it. One of the many details you’ll be attending to is how you would like have the edges of your counters finished.

It seems like a very minor thing in the grand scheme, but the final cut you select for the edge is very likely a permanent one and there is more to the decision than may first be apparent. Continue reading

Granite Countertops – Tough But Not Indestructible

Granite CountertopsWhen you think of granite countertops in Denver, hopefully you are thinking about Granite Imports because of our enormous inventory of slabs, our excellent showrooms that brings those slabs to life, and because of our helpful online design tools.

However, when you are browsing our thousands of granite slabs, if the question arises, “Is a finished granite countertop indestructible?” The answer is that with a little basic maintenance it nearly is.

Granite is one of the hardest commercially available stones on the market for use as a countertop. Granite’s hardness makes it naturally scratch resistant. Granite is also nearly impervious to heat, being born of molten rock. Due to its composition, granite is also naturally resistant to acid discoloration from foods or acidic beverages such as colas. Continue reading

A Granite Kitchen in Denver. . .Or A Marble One?

granite kitchenWith our showroom and our online design tool, Granite Imports has been showing the public the possibilities for stunning granite kitchens in Denver for over 10 years. However, some people dare to be different and we do cater to those folks too. Granite Imports not only has the greatest selection of granite slabs in the Denver area, we also carry an achingly beautiful selection of marble slabs too.

If you feel that a granite kitchen in Denver has been done one too many times, and if you feel that you are up to the material challenges that employing marble in the kitchen entails, then you are a candidate to have your designer and fabricator come up with a kitchen that is nearly as tough as a granite kitchen, but in Denver would be relatively rare—a kitchen with marble countertops. Continue reading

Other Color Considerations For Picking Your Granite Slab

If you are already looking at the thousands of granite slabs in our Denver area locations, you have made it clear that you and your designer or contractor have hit upon your material choice for your countertops. We often see firsthand the uncertainty that granite color choices and patterning brings. Granite Imports offers these tips for visualizing our granite slabs in Denver as finished counters and backsplashes, of whatever color, in your kitchen, bath, or bar:

granite slabsWithout stepping on anyone’s design sensibilities, Granite Import’s first cue about what color granite is right for your application is the size of the space you are finishing with granite. The smaller that space is, the more a darker color will seem to visually shrink the room. Now, many people do not have any problem trading off a sense of visual compression for the elegance a darker granite color can bring to a space, but you must be warned that when a lot of black granite is used in a smaller kitchen or bathroom, it is critical to use strong lighting solutions, or lighter cabinet, floor, or paint contrasts to put the “air” back into the space. Continue reading