Monthly Archives: August 2015

Light Color Pallete of Granite Slabs Continue to Outpace Darker Hues by 4 to 1

Over the past year the demand for light color granite slabs are creating a notable trend in the color palette of our granite inventory. The appetite for lighter stone is due to the changing appetite in cabinetry and flooring colors. Consumers are choosing darker woods for cabinets and flooring, and the rich tones of cherry, walnut or other dark stains are dominating bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling. Continue reading

Granite countertops are not just for kitchens anymore: A Few Tips on Selecting Granite for your Outdoor Kitchen

The growing popularity of outdoor kitchens means homeowners are designing with some of the same upscale features found in the interior of the home. Among those features are granite countertops. Prized indoors for their functional beauty and durability; why wouldn’t they also be prized for bringing those same qualities to an outdoor living space? Continue reading

Is Granite Overlay Worth Considering over Solid Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have consistently been a smart investment for homeowners. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, granite counters provide durability, strength and beauty to any space. With the continuing popularity of solid granite as a surface choice, an option called granite overlay continues to be on the fringe of mainstream materials with homeowners and decorators. Although companies that install overlays advertise them as an affordable alternative to solid granite, there are definitely drawbacks to consider. Continue reading

Granite Sales In Grand Junction Brisk with New Granite Imports Warehouse

As homeowners and builders increasingly source granite for countertops, Granite Imports recognized the need for a larger Grand Junction warehouse to provide the granite slabs needed to fill demand. While we have been supplying granite slabs to Grand Junction fabricators since 2003, our facilities were limited and did not allow us to offer a large number of options. Continue reading