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Considering Soapstone Countertops from Granite Imports as an Alternative to Granite Countertops

Although the durability of granite countertops makes them a very popular choice for home remodels, many people are seeking something a bit different and off the beaten path. At Granite Imports, we offer a cutting edge supply of natural stone and offer many great alternatives to granite slabs. Take a look at the article below for an overview of one of the best granite alternatives for your home remodel, Soapstone. Continue reading

See Illuminated Countertops In Action at the Granite Imports Showroom in Denver

Anyone that has ever witnessed a backlit stone counter, wall or wrap around the base of a bar will understand how stunning it can be. Illuminated countertops and backlit stones have become a growing trend in the industry as of late and at Granite Imports our experts know how to achieve the effect with great success. Continue reading

Leathered Granite from Granite Imports: Adding Greater Dimension to Your Granite Countertops in Denver

One of the rising trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling is using a leathered, textured granite for granite countertops. This is a great way to take the versatile staple of granite in kitchens and bathrooms and use turn it into something more unique and inventive. Our experts at Granite Imports have seen this technique many times and understand why it is becoming so popular.  Continue reading