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Choosing the Best Colors for Your Granite Slabs

Granite SinkThe time and effort that you put into choosing the perfect granite slabs for your home means you definitely want to choose the right colors. These countertops have the potential to last a lifetime and knowing how to properly choose the best ones for your design is an important process. Our experts at Granite Imports have compiled the following list of the five most popular granite colors and how to best utilize them to get the best results in your home. Continue reading

Granite Imports Share Why Remodeling using Granite Countertops Is as Cost Efficient as Ever

Denver, Colorado – Granite distribution company Granite Imports is sharing their knowledge on the increasingly cost efficient process of remodeling using granite countertops. With their vast experience in the field and the surge in demand for granite, Granite Imports has seen a rise in new granite quarries in countries that already possess established quarries as well as those that previously did not. Additionally we have seen improved technology further drive down the prices making granite more accessible than ever for homeowners. Continue reading