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Granite Imports Sees Demand for Granite Kitchen Countertops Rise More Than 20% Over Same Period Last Year

Denver, CO – Granite Imports has increased their inventory more than 20% this year over last year stocking up to 3,500 more slabs of granite and quartzite to fabricators for kitchen remodels and new home construction. The increase is due in part to a booming construction industry in Colorado and surrounding states, but also that home owners and fabricators are becoming more sophisticated about what quality granite is and the difference between what a big box store or small granite wholesaler stocks and what importers like Granite Imports provide. Continue reading

Granite Imports Outlines What Fabricators Look For When Choosing a Granite Slab Supplier

In order to achieve a harmonious relationship between the granite supplier, the fabricator, and the home owner, it is important that each participant is actively involved in a synchronized relationship; if one party is out of step, then the process of sourcing, choosing fabricating and installing a granite slab for a kitchen or bath remodel can quickly deteriorate, causing anxiety or frustration for all. Continue reading

Granite Imports Explains that Granite Slabs Still Drive Business & Show No Signs of Slowing Despite Misperception in the Industry

Although granite is one of the most widely popular countertop options on the market based on its attractive appearance and resistance to heat, scratches, and stains, many people have the misperception that granite releases radon. Fortunately, according to a survey conducted by National Kitchen & Bath Association in 2012, granite slabs remain the most popular choice for countertops among households, but the radon myth needs to be debunked. Granite Imports explains that radon is a ubiquitous gas that comes about as a result of the decomposition of certain rock or even soil, so it is not surprising that radon can potentially be found in granite slabs, but granite slabs only emit a miniscule amount of radon gas. The number one source of radon emissions are actually found in the soils beneath homes and the amount of radon released from granite used for countertops don’t even move the needle on radon readings. Continue reading