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Expanding Market Territory With a Bigger Fleet of Trucks, Granite Imports Adds Value in its distribution

Larger Fleet Allows Granite Imports to Economically Deliver More Granite Slabs to More States

April, 2014 – Granite Imports, with a growing reputation throughout the Midwest for their hand selected granite materials from quarries all over the world, announced their new ability to distribute larger quantities of granite slabs to South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska, making shipping costs more economical to more remote cities throughout the Midwest territory.

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Don’t be fooled by “50% Off” Granite Commercials

Installing granite tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other living area is one of the best decisions you can make for increasing the resale value of your home. This financial investment not only beautifies your home, but also adds great value to your property. Nevertheless, this decision can be anything but easy. For many people, researching, sourcing, selecting, and installing the right granite can be a daunting endeavor and too many people are getting strong armed into buying something they regret, either in quality or price.

The granite supply industry has an amazing offering of colors, textures and quality when it comes to granite tiles, slabs and sinks, and that is where homeowners start to get overwhelmed. Before a homeowner looks at one piece of granite, they should make sure they are stepping into the warehouse of a reliable, trustworthy granite source. If you’re hesitant to choose a granite warehouse on your own, continue reading to determine the characteristics you should look for in any granite distributor.

It is important to work with the best granite distributor in Denver to obtain the premium material for your construction project and someone who isn’t pushing products with the best margin over the best granite for your needs. Whether you’re looking for granite tiles, kitchen countertops, or any other stone product, you want your wholesale distributor’s warehouse to give a good impression at the door before you look at the variety of stone they offer.

Condition of Warehouses

It is important to see how your granite distributor stores its granite tiles and other offerings. If their facility looks neglected, such conditions usually indicate that the granite distributor is not fully committed to the longevity of their business.

Wholesale Granite Distributor Stores

Retail vs. Wholesale

We’ve all been assaulted with the television ads of a granite warehouse that is offering huge savings and deep discounts on their products for a “limited time only”. These marketing tactics continue because they will work at least once, but they rarely bring in repeat customers, or referral business. When an eager salesman who last week was selling used cars accosts you at the door, you will quickly see why retail stores might not be the right place to buy superior-quality granite.

Your Ignorance, Their Gain

Many retail stores take advantage of the consumers’ inadequate knowledge or understanding about granite tiles and countertops. If you think that products having an“50 percent off” sign can help you save, then think again. In fact, most of these products usually have a huge mark up with huge profit margins for the seller, thus they cannot prove to be the most affordable option.

Hard Selling Techniques

A tactic that you should recognize is that many retail stores utilize more direct and forceful marketing strategies to make a sale. With such tactics, they try to persuade consumers to buy a product immediately without the ability to do more research and shop around. Offers of “limited-time discounts” urge a customer to avail the offer immediately and sign a contract with huge cancellation clauses. Retail granite stores invest substantial amounts in advertising campaigns to capture the attention of potential buyers. Once they have them in showroom, they have to make the sale to recoup their advertising spend – good for them, not so great for their customers.

In House or Independent Fabricators?

Fabricators are one of the most important elements that ensure a great finished product. Since fabricators have the right tools, practices, and methods to cut, edge, polish, and install a granite tile or countertop, it is better to work with professional, reliable fabricators who have built their business and reputation through years of quality work. Many retail stores employ their own fabricators to reap profits through every step of the process. Granite imports only sells wholesale granite and leaves fabricator selection for the job to the customer.

There are many choices for granite tile or slabs in the Denver, Fort Collins and Grand Junction markets. For every reputable granite company who has built a strong reputation through fair pricing, customer education and service, and quality products, there are three who just want to buy cheaper granite and sell it for as much as they can, continually looking for new, unaware customers. Don’t be fooled by high profile advertising and marketing trickery. Granite Imports is an established granite importer dealing only in high quality granite. It’s a distinction that in the end leads to beautiful end products, and most importantly, satisfied, repeat customers.To gain further information about the company’s offered collection, please visit the Granite Imports website .