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Granite Fabricators Are As Important To A Quality Granite Countertop As the Stone Itself Says Granite Imports, Inc

Some would say that the material you choose for your granite countertop or sink is the number one element to a beautiful granite kitchen or bathroom counter; however, Granite Imports maintains that it takes both quality stone and quality craftsmanship to make a quality finished product. Continue reading

Granite Imports, Inc. Sets The Record Straight: All Countertops Need to Be Sealed!

Granite countertops take a lot of abuse, and even though granite is durable, it is not without its weaknesses. According to Denver CO-based Granite Imports, Inc. All granite is porous, but porosity varies from stone to stone. The simplest test is if water leaves a wet spot, then sealer is needed to create an impenetrable layer over the surface. Without proper sealing and maintenance of porous granite, it can become stained from other liquids.  Continue reading