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Find that Perfect Sink to Match a New Granite Countertop Installation through Granite Imports, Inc.

Stainless steel sinks make a great addition to any home, whether they’re placed in the kitchen with a granite countertop, or a bathroom vanity. They’re built with longevity in mind and offer beauty and durability that will help property owners capitalize on their investment when they eventually sell their home. They’re also stylish as well as inherently functional and are designed to blend within any home interior, whether it’s contemporary or traditional. The advantages of steel sinks have caught the attention of homeowners across Colorado, and according to Granite Imports in Denver, one of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling today is integrating a stainless steel sink with a granite countertop. Continue reading

Kitchen Spaces Get an Upgrade in Technology with Okite Quartz from Granite Imports, Inc

Denver-based stone specialists Granite Imports, Inc. is now offering one of the most durable quartz countertop surfaces for kitchen and bathroom renovation applications on the market today. Five times stronger than granite, Okite Quartz is utilized in residential and commercial applications across Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder, where property owners require a surface that supports high-level resistance to scratching and maximum ease-of maintenance. Continue reading

Composite, or Stainless? Knowing the difference between materials before selecting your new granite countertop will save you future disappointment in your final choice

According to global health experts, the kitchen sink is the area that contains the most germs in a house, even more than the trash can or toilet. It’s because the sink is used almost twice as much as any other kitchen appliance or surface. When selecting a new sink to go with your beautiful new granite countertop, it’s not only aesthetics that should be considered, but also understanding the differences between materials and how they will perform in the most used space in a kitchen. Continue reading